Are Maltipoos Good with Kids?

If you are considering a new dog and you have Maltipoo in mind but you are wondering if this breed is the right one knowing that you have some kids at home, you have come to the right place. In this place, you will be informed about the answer. So, are Maltipoos good with kids?

The short answer to the question is yes. Maltipoos are good with kids. They are friendly, loving and fond of them. As an active breed, they like playing, which is perfect for kids since they tend to be active and playful. To make both Maltipoo and kids get along well, here are some tips to follow:

Are Maltipoos Good with Kids

  1. Train the Maltipoos early on

The first thing that you have to do is to train Maltipoos from the beginning. With the intelligence that they have, it would be easy for you to train them. It is guaranteed that they will learn to follow your commands easily. Before introducing them to the kids, make sure that they are already good at following your commands, such as lay, stay, sit, stop, and so on. When training, do not forget to also train them to control their barking.

  1. Create separate space for kids and Maltipoos

Kids can be active and loud. Most of them are known to move a lot. Staying still is unlikely for most of them. When you bring the Maltipoos to your place, it is important for you to set boundaries and create a separate space for both the kids and the dogs or puppies. Another thing that you have to make sure is that these pets know which areas are off-limits for them. By letting them know, they will stay peacefully in their own space.

  1. Introduce Maltipoos to area for kids

While Maltipoos should know the limit, they should also be introduced to the area for kids. Let them explore that area. When they are there, allow them to sniff it and get familiar with it. By doing so, they will be able to get used to the smell of the baby products and they will also feel comfortable.

  1. Allow both Maltipoos and kids to meet in a clam environment

On the day of introducing the Maltipoos to the kids, try to create a calm environment. Make sure the kids are calm and are ready to meet the dogs or puppies. Do not forget to also make sure there is plenty of space. It is okay to allow the dogs or puppies to sniff the kids and when they are doing a good job, giving them praise is recommended. Basically, your job is to create a good first impression and allow these pets to be familiar with the kids.

  1. Keep an eye on every interaction

Once the Maltipoos feel comfortable with the kids, let these two spend more time together. However, it is still needed for you to keep an eye on every interaction that they make. It is really important to watch out for these two and try not to leave them alone, even for a while. Not only can it risk them, this thing can also make them freak out. Your kids, especially if they are still really young, can cry when seeing you leave them. Besides, it is also possible for the dog or puppy to get separation anxiety. Once again, leaving them alone with only just two of them can be a bad idea. If you can, try to ask someone to do your job monitoring them for a while.

Aside from being good with kids, Maltipoos are also known to get along with the other pets. If you have a pet like a cat at your place, there should not be an issue when they live together. To make them get along well, check out some following tips:

  1. Start slowly and do not start right away

A lot of people introduce a Maltipoo to a cat right away, which is completely wrong. For those who have just purchased or adopted a Maltipoo, hold on and do not show it in front of your family of pets. While you may think that introducing them to each other as soon as possible is better, it is actually not as the Maltipoo is still new and is still trying to get used to the place itself. For the new dog or puppy, everything will feel strange and weird. Depending on its age and history, forcing it into a situation where there is another pet may backfire.

In order to prevent this kind of thing from happening, you are suggested to keep both the Maltipoo and the cat in different rooms. Make sure to keep these two separate for a week or so. Allow the dog or puppy to be familiar and comfortable with your place first and then start introducing it to the cat. Once again, it is never alright to start everything right away as it can make them aggressive and or nervous.

  1. Start it in a comfortable setting

Maltipoos like an environment that is comfortable. This kind of situation can be found in the dog bed or in the place where they sit during the day. The best place to socialize them with a cat is in a setting that they like. In this kind of place, they will feel comfortable. When they are comfortable, they will be able to welcome the cat easily.

However, it does not always work well. Even if the setting to meet a cat is already comfortable, it is still possible for a Maltipoo to show signs of nervousness. If you see any kinds of signs, do not freak out. It is normal and it is okay. Keep calm and do not panic. Let the dog or puppy deal with it and see if it manages to get rid of its nervousness. If it does not overact, continue watching the interaction and keep getting close to them.

  1. It is important to maintain full control during interactions

Socializing is not instant. It takes time and dedication. It will be needed for you to maintain full control during the initial interactions. During the process, you can use a pet gate and a leash. Do not forget to keep an eye on every interaction. Keep in mind that the main focus is to retain control while observing how they interact. If they are doing well, feel free to loosen the restrictions. For instance, if you use a dog leash, you can get rid of it.

  1. Do not overact

Just like the Maltipoo and the cat, as an owner, you may also be nervous of what is going to happen when you introduce them to each other. While it is normal, try to stay calm. Do not think of aggression or anything bad. Stay positive. Even if there is aggression when they meet, stay still and do not overact. If you overact, the Maltipoo will go into a bubble that is hard to break. It is possible for it to not want to interact with the other pets as it is afraid.

Once again, be confident and assertive. If a Maltipoo misbehaves, let it know that it is not alright to do that. While telling it, do not show aggression and or yank on its leash if one is on. If you overact, it will feed off the reactions that you are given, even if your intention is good. Staying calm and going through the process will make everything go well. Keep trying until these two become familiar with each other and get along well.

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