Do Maltipoos Chew Furniture?

When teething gets started, your Maltipoo can also start chewing anything at your home. When they are teething, it’s normal if they tend to have urges to chew anything and everything. Chewing is such a way for them to help relieve the discomfort of erupting teeth.

If your Maltipoo is currently teething, you may wonder what you should and shouldn’t do to help them relive their discomfort. Is it necessary for you to keep away your furniture? Before doing this, you should look for the information first whether your Maltipoo chews the furniture or not. To get the answer, let’s see our post below!

Do Maltipoos Chew Furniture

Do Maltipoos Chew Furniture?

Keeping furniture out of reach of your Maltipoo is a very good decision. In fact, your Maltipoo puppies will start chewing anything around such as furniture, chewed shoes, nibbled baseboards, carpet and many more. They will chew your furniture and may put the small things in their mouth.

Of course, putting anything into their mouth may trigger any health problems. However, chewing is a very natural canine behaviour for your Maltipoo puppies. In addition to the moment they are teething, chewing can also help your pup clean their teeth and exercise their jaws.

Chewing for dogs is so fun and a great way for them to spend their time and amuse themselves. But, how if your pup chews furniture? Is it totally normal? However, your Maltipoo puppies may simply use the only objects that are available, including furniture.

When your Maltipoo gets stressed or bored, they may start to do uncommon activities, including chewing the furniture. In this case, the wood and plastic may be satisfying enough for your pup. However, chewing around door frames and windows may be a sign of separation anxiety of your Maltipoo.

How to Teach Your Maltipoo Proper Chewing Behaviour?

To make sure your Maltipoo picks correct chewing behaviour, controlling their choices is a must-do for you. You may need to put away what you can to restrict temptation. For example, you can put your shoes in the closet and remote controls in a drawer.

Bitter tasting spray can also help deter your Maltipoo. To use it, you can apply the spray on your furniture, baseboards or other immovable items every day for at least three or four weeks. However, it must be long enough to break your dog’s habit, particularly when you are using that time to build new habits.

The main thing you should do is to embed a chew toy addition in your Maltipoo. If you give them wonderful chews and prevent inappropriate chewing, in a short time, your Maltipoo may learn what they should and shouldn’t chew.

Aside from that, you can also add some reinforcement to the mix. Then, you will definitely convince your Maltipoo that the proper chews are the great option for you. If they select the right item, you will need to praise and reward them to increase the opportunity that they will make that same option in the future.

When you are teaching them appropriate chewing behaviour, you always need to supervise them. When you see your pup chews that shouldn’t, make sure to redirect their attention to a proper chew toy or edible chew.

If you cannot watch them, you can consider using a crate or safe area to protect your home. Of course, you should also give proper chews in the crate in order to help them pass the time. After your Maltipoo understands what they should and shouldn’t chew, well, they will be ready for freedom.

The last thing you should do is to not forget the importance of adequate mental stimulation and physical exercise. However, boredom your pup feels is a big cause of inappropriate chewing. It does not wonder if they will search for their own fun if you do not give your dog enough to do that often involves teeth.

However, if you give enough playtime, exercise and training, their chew toys may be more than enough to keep them busy. The point is, make sure to train your pup patiently regarding chewing behaviour and always give them enough chewing toys to redirect their attention from the things that they shouldn’t chew.

How to Prevent Your Maltipoo of Chewing Inappropriate Things

How to Prevent Your Maltipoo of Chewing Inappropriate Things?

All you need to prevent your Maltipoo puppies with inappropriate chewing is to always provide chewing alternatives. It’s important for you to take the time to select great teething toys and use ‘interupt and refocus’ ways to help them get rid of the unhealthy chewing behaviour.

For some dogs, chewing toys is an unknown object that is not proven to make them so fun to do. In this case, the shoes are such a proven delight that your Maltipoo may really love it. What you should do is to encourage your Maltipoo puppies to choose the toys by making them as fun as possible.

To prevent your Maltipoo puppies from boredom, you can try to rotate the toys, so they will have other options every few days. The recommended chewing toys are the Kong Classic or the Zogoflex Tux Treat Dispensing Toy.

Those chewing toys are made of a durable rubber, so they are long-lasting with just enough give. However, it would be better for you to stuff them with food like peanut butter or cream cheese.

To add extra spirit, you can layer the soft food with harder pieces just like liver treats or homemade biscuits, so your Maltipoo puppies will get extra special surprises when they chew and explore the toy. Aside from that, you can freeze the toy once suffering it to make the treats last longer.

Another excellent option for your Maltipoo is to provide edible chews. They will not absolutely last as long as a quality toy. However, they are incredibly exciting to dogs. They will also help clean your Maltipoo gums and teeth.

Additionally, you can look for choices which are safe for your pup’s chewing style. For instance, rawhide is not the best selection for vigorous chewers who can break off large chunks that can cause intestinal obstructions or pose a choking hazard.

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