Do Maltipoos Need a Lot of Exercise?

Even though Maltipoos are most certainly an indoor companion dog, you should still take them out to do exercises. It is known that regular exercise will deliver a number of benefits for your Maltipoo including to improve circulation, keep muscles strong and give them a healthy appetite, helping them to release pent up energy.

If you have Maltipoos, you may wonder how often you should give them exercise. Certainly, you shouldn’t give them too much exercise, as it will cause him to be too tired. To know how often you should give them exercise, you can find out the information about it in our post below!

Do Your Maltipoos Need a Lot of Exercise?

The answer is No, your Maltipoo does not have a lot of exercise, as they are an indoor breed that require a lower exercise. In other words, they are sometimes packed with a ball of energy which really loves to walk, play and also zoom.

Ideally, your Maltipoo will need around 40 minutes a day of active walking or playing. A good goal to have is about two walks of 20 minutes each. If necessary, you can do a 30 minute walk and a 10 minute walk or another combination which works best for you. In  fact, most dogs will do best with a walk in the morning and another in the evening.

You should know that a lively walk about two hours before bed can really help a dog to sleep better. However, it still has the cutoff line. In this case, exercise too close to bedtime will be able to cause an increase in adrenaline which can make it hard for your dog to settle down and relax.

Do Maltipoos Need a Lot of Exercise

What Is the Best Age of Maltipoo to Start Exercising?

When your Maltipoo puppies are 8-weeks old, you may want to take them out for walking, right? Unfortunately, you cannot do the exercise at this age. Instead, you can start giving them exercise when they are 12 to 14 weeks old before Maltipoo dogs can be brought outside for exercise in any public place or any place where it could have been dogs or wildlife.

Each vet will have their own exact time for vaccinations. However, generally, the puppy shots will be complete by 10 to 12 weeks. But it may take up to 2 additional weeks for a pup’s immunity to be where it could be.

For this reason, we suggest you wait two weeks after the final round of shots before beginning your Maltipoo’s exercise routine. However, it will take place at any time and of course you may find that your Maltipoo will allow you to know when it is necessary.

Commonly, when a dog starts to get restless, there will be excess barking, whining, pacing or other such behaviour that is often a sign that there is a need to get out and release some energy and have some mental and physical stimulation.

What Exercise Is Perfect for Maltipoo?

However, you may need to take them to do exercise daily by taking your Maltipoo for walks. Of course, you can walk with your Maltipoo regularly. In this case, walks must be at a pace which is brisk for your Maltipoo puppies or dogs. Well, it’s up to you to control the pace.

You should choose walking for your Maltipoo, since walks really have so many benefits. Of course, this is such an easy win to take your Maltipoo dogs on walks. It is known that walking your dogs or puppies will enhance their mental wellness, keep their muscles strong, improve their overall health, give them a healthy appetite and many more.

The happiness of your Maltipoo will depend on your actions. What you should do is to take them on walks, let them exercise and give them their favorite treats. Aside from taking them for walks, most Maltipoo will benefit from a 20 minute outdoor play session or an indoor one if there is inclement weather.

Here are the benefits of walking for your Maltipoo:

1) Enhance the mental wellness of your dogs

Walks will improve your Maltipoo’s mental and physical health significantly. When you take them for walks, they will learn something new and observe their surroundings. Aside from that, walks will also stimulate their mind and keep them always excited.

Of course, it’s important for you to take them for walks, as if you keep them inside for too long, it can lead to boredom and destructive behaviour, causing them to have health problems. So, don’t stress if you’re stuck inside, make sure to give them some activities and games they can play with.

2) Give space for them to socialize

When you take them out to public or dog parks, they may meet other dogs of their breed or different breeds. By doing this, it will help them to socialize more and also remove the fear of other animals.

However, it’s very important for them, particularly if your Maltipoo shows symptoms of anxiety. When taking them out for walks, it will help them get confidence and remove stress. Furthermore, it can make them more friendly with other people and also strangers.

It’s also important for you to carefully monitor your Maltipoo for signs of social fear or also get tired of meeting new dogs or people.

3) Give the chance to train your dog

However, the walking session is such a great chance to train your Maltipoo some new commands. Of course, their mind will be stimulated and ready to learn new things quickly when taking them out for a walk.

Considering how well your Maltipoo responds to positive reinforcement training, make sure to not forget to bring them favorite treats on the walk, even practicing indoor commands like stay, sit and drop will be super fun to do while walking.

4) Increase your Maltipoo’s health

If you take them out for walks, it significantly improves their overall health. Your Maltipoo may gain weight in a short time if you stopped walking your dogs for a while. Of course, extra weight will lead to serious health problems. So, that’s why you need to give them exercise to release their energy naturally and burn calories.

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