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Maltipoo is a cute dog. He has good temperament and also adorable long coat. Even some people try to make a stylish haircut of their Maltipoo so that he can be more gorgeous. Some Maltipoo haircuts that usually people apply are Town and Country Clip, Miami or Bikini Cut, Teddy Bear Cut, Lamb Cut, Utility or Kennels Clip, Continental Cut and Puppy Cut or Pet Clip. Talk about coat or hair of Maltipoo, perhaps you have seen Maltipoo shedding. And after seeing that, perhaps you are worried whether it is normal for a Maltipoo to shed. Or even the shedding is a process of changing the Maltipoo coat into an adult coat? Okay, if you are curious about the shedding of your Maltipoo, go on reading this article.

Recently, after you have a Maltipoo perhaps you have a question that you do not ask to the breeder when you get your Maltipoo. The question is, do Maltipoo shed? a Poodle and Maltese’s breeding will result in a dog with a lot of hair, but the coat of the dog will vary from each dog. Several of them own a coat with poker straight hair, some are curly in looks and some other are wavy in form.

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Nevertheless, Maltipoo shed very lightly and the amount of shedding will depend quite a bit on the level of Poodle genes which have been passed down. A lot of owners of Maltipoo are told that this crossbred does not shed, but a lot of people can be worried when they find that their Maltipoo sheds. The thing that you have to note is that Maltipoo is not a heavy shedder like some other breeds, especially those with thick, double coats of fur. Then, you also have to know that there is no such thing as a dog which does not shed at all. So, does a Maltipoo shed? This breed have hair and it is not fur. The hair of Maltipoo will shed because each hair on the coat goes through a cycle such as growth, rest and release like human’s hair. Each strand of hair is on its own point in the cycle which means that at any given time some strands are falling out and some are growing in. So, the answer of your question is, yes, Maltipoo does shed, in the sense of the coat gradually renewing itself. For giving care to your Maltipoo’s hair, you can brush the coat regularly and routinely. This action will not only keep the coat clean but also it will keep the skin healthy and will decrease the amount of shedded hairs which you find. You also have to keep in mind that heavy shedding is not normal and it may happen because of wide range of factors including skin infection, and impaired immune system or the other health condition. Severe allergies also can cause an alarming loss of coat. If you see that the coat is thinning out and you see any bald patches or any other signs of abnormal hair loss, you need to bring your Maltipoo to the vet for doing check up.

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