How Much is a Brown Maltipoo?

Brown Maltipoo or also known as Chocolate Maltipoo is one of the rarest Maltipoo colors. Instead of a black nose, true brown Maltipoos will have a brown nose. They also often come in a variety of patterns such as parti or tri-color.

Since Brown Maltipoos are the rarest Maltipoo colors, it does not wonder if the cost of this type Maltipoo is a bit expensive. If you really want to adopt a brown Maltipoo, you may need to know how much a brown maltipoo costs. So, let’s find out the price of brown Maltipoo in our post below!

How Much is a Brown Maltipoo

How Much Does a Brown Maltipoo Cost?

Depending on whether you adopt from a shelter or buy from a reputable breeder, the cost of a Brown Maltipoo can range anywhere from $600 – $4,000. Aside from the place you get a Brown Maltipoo, there will be other factors to consider in price such as microchipping, health guarantees and many more.

1) Buying a Brown Maltipoo from reputable breeder

If you decide to purchase a brown Maltipoo from a reputable breeder, it may cost you a lot. The price of a brown Maltipoo from a reputable breeder can range from $2,000 – $4,000. Some breeders tag the price of a brown Maltipoo higher than $4,000.

However, if you purchase a brown Maltipoo from a reputable breeder, you will get an excellent health guarantee that far surpasses the typical 6-month health guarantee or less common 2-year guarantee that some breeders give.

Let’s take a look at those actual Maltipoo breeders and the cost they charge for their puppies to give you a realistic idea of real-world prices. Here are they:

Breeder Location Price
Pierce’s Precious Puppies Illinois $1,800
Playful Pups For You Georgia $650 – $850
Denning Farms Iowa $950 – $1,100
Judy’s Pups California $875
Artistry Pups Florida $2,000 – $2,500

2) Purchasing Maltipoo from Puppy Classifieds

If you purchase Maltipoo from Puppy Classifieds, it can range anywhere from $1,000 – $4,000. There are a number of Puppy Classifieds you can find on the internet including Craigslist, PuppySpot, or PuppyFind.

However, if you purchase a brown Maltipoo from Puppy Classified, it puts you in a risk where you do not know the breed’s reputation and their ethics in caring for their puppies.

3) Purchasing a Brown Maltipoo from Rescue Shelter

Since a number of animals available in rescue shelters can be obtained at a very low price, it does not wonder if many people consider adopting Maltipoo through a shelter. However, it may be rare for you to find a specific breed you really want.

Sometimes, you need to wait months for the opportunities of a brown maltipoo showing up at a shelter. Of course, you may be on a waiting list. If you adopt a Maltipoo from Puppy Classifieds, it can range anywhere from $100 – $600.

So, if you are interested in adopting a Maltipoo from a rescue shelter, you may need to call your local shelter and discuss with them regarding the costs and the possibility of adopting.

Things to Consider When Buying a Brown Maltipoo

Things to Consider When Buying a Brown Maltipoo

If you have a plan to purchase a brown Maltipoo, there are a number of considerations you should watch out for when buying a Maltipoo. Here they are:

  • More information is better
    When having a plan to purchase a Maltipoo from a breeder or classified, you may need to look out for the details they offer in the listing. Make sure to not get caught up in the emotions of puppy pictures.
  • Ensure your Maltipoo comes from a loving home
    If a breeder is local, you can ask if you can visit and see the living conditions in their home. You can also ask if you can meet them and the puppies through facetime or another real time video solution.
  • Don’t meet anyone in a public place to look at their puppies
    If there are breeders or puppy classifieds who ask you to meet at a central location to sell puppies, you need to be careful, as  you cannot contact them when the dogs may have health problems or other issues.
  • Health guaranty
    If you have a plan to buy Maltipoo, you need to ensure the breeder has a clear and easy to understand health guarantee such as 10-year health guarantee.
  • Make sure to find a breeder with training programs
    It may be rare for breeders to offer puppies obedience training. However, it is one of the things you need to consider when looking for a puppy, but more of a bonus.

Okay, those are some considerations you should think about when purchasing a Brown Maltipoo.

Some Factors That Affect the Cost of Maltipoos

Of course, there are some common factors that affect the price of Maltipoos. The factors here actually determine whether the price of Maltipoo is affordable or expensive. Here they are:

  • Reputation of a Breeder
    When you purchase a Maltipoo from a reputable, experienced breeder, you may get a very high price. However, experienced breeders will consistently generate the highest quality, healthiest puppies and produce the puppies according to standards of AKC.
  • The Puppies’ age
    The puppies that get older will gain less people’s attention, so the price may be often reduced, sometimes dramatically. Otherwise, the young puppies attract so many people to buy, so it does not wonder if the price of young puppies are higher than older puppies.
  • Popularity of Breeds
    If a breed or a crossbreed is currently popular, it does not wonder if the costs often soar. When interest wanes, the costs typically drop as well.
  • Coat type or color
    Some Maltipoo breeds may charge more for a puppy with a specific hair type or color which is currently in high demand.
  • Generation
    It is known that F1 generation puppies are oftentimes the least expensive, since only one Poodle and Maltese are required to breed them. While the F2 Generations and beyond, they will require much more time to create since the breeder should wait until their F1 dogs are old enough to breed. Furthermore, it really requires the breeder to house, feed and also care for several dogs to make sure that their litters are not inbred.

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