How Much Should a Maltipoo Weigh at 3 Months

Maltipoo grows fast like most miniature dogs or ‘toy’ dogs with a lot of weight gain. However, after entering the age of about 6 years, the growth becomes slow, sometimes not reaching the body weight and height according to the standard.

Even so, this is indeed normal for small dog breeds because they will still be cute and cute even though they are classified as old. They will certainly die when they are around 10 to 15 years old. Quite a long journey for a small breed dog that doesn’t gain weight, right?

Well, once you know that Maltipoo will grow rapidly and stop at a certain age and you have a plan to raise a Maltipoo, of course, you might want to know how big your Maltipoo will be after he is done growing. However, it’s so important for you to know how much Maltipoo weighs at a certain age.


Maltipoo’s Weight at 3 Months

The average age of a Maltipoo that many people are looking to raise is around 3 months of age. Why? Because at this age, Maltipoo has grown, no longer classified as a puppy. Of course, Maltipoo does not need intensive care like when he was just born.

You surely want to know how much Maltipoo’s weight should be at 3 months if you decide to take care of them. Sure, you need to know that the weight of this hybrid dog is depending on which genes are more dominant between the maltese and poodle. It can range and vary dramatically as well.

Moreover, it can also be a reason why different puppies from the same litter can be so drastically different; it’s all about the individual traits that each one has inherited.

Well, the Maltipoo weight at 3 months will be around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds for minimum weight and for maximum weight, they can be around 4 pounds. Keep in mind, the dog’s age at different speeds mostly depends on the size of the dog and it’s really true for Maltipoos.

Maltipoos are puppies until they reach one year old and they will then present very puppy-like behaviour until two years old.

This post also shows the Maltipoo weight by age listed below

  • Birth: 0.1 pounds (for maximum weight) and 0.5 (for maximum weight)
  • 2 months old: 1 pound (for maximum weight) and 3 (for maximum weight)
  • 4 months old: 2.5 pound (for maximum weight) and 5.5 (for maximum weight)
  • 5 months old: 3 pound (for maximum weight) and 6 (for maximum weight)
  • 6 months old: 3.5 pound (for maximum weight) and 7 (for maximum weight)
  • 9 months old: 4 pound (for maximum weight) and 9 (for maximum weight)
  • 1 year old: 5 pound (for maximum weight) and 12 (for maximum weight)

Here’s for the Maltipoo’s full grown size, weight and age!

  • Maltipoo full grown size: 8-15 months/ 8-14 inches height
  • Maltipoo full grown height: 5 – 20 lbs
  • Maltipoo full grown age: consider adult at around 1 year old

Why do Maltipoo sizes vary at any age?

Why do Maltipoo sizes vary at any age

As their unique genetics, there are certain factors which come into play with regards to the size of an adult Maltipoo and how much time they need to get there. If you have a first-generation Maltipoo, of course you expect it to grow up at 8 to 10 months of age with a height of 8-14 inches. As for the second generation Maltipoo whose mother and father are Maltipoos, they probably won’t stop growing until he is at least 15 months old.

The question of why the weight and height of Maltipoo varies at a certain age because of course so many factors play a role related to the parent. This surely cannot be separated from how big his parents are, whether he is dominant from the race of his mother or father, and whether he is the first or second generation. This is why determining the exact weight can be tricky even with predicting race weights.

You might also expect an 8 week old Maltipoo to weigh around 1.5 to 3 pounds, but again the weight of a Maltipoo at that age depends on the size and type of mom and dad. By the time he grows up, Maltipoo is usually never more than 20 pounds. This is the reason it is such a good idea to meet parents when petting your Maltipoo puppy. Sure, It can give you the best idea of how big he will be.

At what age did Maltipoo stop growing?

You may also worry at what age they will stop growing. Because the Maltipoo is a Hybrid dog between Maltese and Poodle, sure to know when they will stop growing will also vary. How your Maltipoo will stop growing depending on:

  • If your dog is the first generation Maltipoo (Poodle to Maltese pairing) is father or dam toy Poodle or miniature Poodle or is this a second generation Maltipoo (both parents are Maltipoo dogs).
  • If your dog is the first generation between Poodle and Maltese, how much the size when they are adult will  vary too.
  • Does this puppy have more Maltese in him or a Poodle? This is also a determining factor

Your Maltipoo should stop growing in the 8 to 10 month range if they are the first and second generation dogs of the standard size for their breed & the stud or draft is the toy Poodle. However, your Maltipoo may grow to about 15 months if the father or mother is a mini poodle.

It’s one of the elements about this gorgeous hybrid dog including vary widely now without a consistent range in large part as toys and miniature poodles are used in breeding. The Maltipoo dog has a different age from larger dogs.

They will go through the puppy stage quickly. Your Maltipoo will be a puppy until the age of 1 when he will become an adult. While this may seem youthful to many owners, 1 and even 2 year old Maltipoos will still display tenants like puppies.

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