How Often Should a Maltipoo Be Walked?

Since walking is a very important exercise for your Maltipoo, you will really need to take them out to go for a walk. However, there are several benefits your Maltipoo will get after walking such as improving their health condition, preventing some serious disease, increasing your Maltipoo’s mental health, etc.

You may already know that taking your Maltipoo out for a walk is very necessary, but you do not know yet how often you should let them walk. If you’re looking for information about the best duration exercise for your Maltipoo, you can dive into our post, as we’ll show the information about it below!

How Often and How Long Should You Take Your Maltipoo Out for a Walk?

How Often Should a Maltipoo Be Walked

Ideally, your Maltipoo needs to walk every day for 40 minutes per day. You can divide the duration of your Maltipoo’s walking to be 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening to keep them more energetic throughout the day.

Another option, you can do a 30 minute walk in the morning and a 10 minute walk in the evening. It may be better for you to take your Maltipoo out for a walk before bedtime, but it shouldn’t be close to bed time. A walk early in the morning will be able to increase its energy levels and let your Maltipoo stay productive all day.

Just like humans, your Maltipoo will also need to walk every day to stay healthy. Even though your Maltipoo goes out many times a day to play or use the bathroom, it does not mean that it has met its exercise requirement.

However, exercise by taking them out for a walk is the perfect way to keep your Maltipoo active, but it cannot alone perform all the work. What you should do is to take your Maltipoo for a walk with you every day. However, it will really help keep your Maltipoo active and its bones healthy. Similarly, your Maltipoo will feel the fresh air and freshen up its mind, leading them to happiness.

Depending on your Maltipoo age, you must walk your Maltipoo puppy at a ratio of five minutes per month of age. It means that at three months, you will need to take them for a walk for 15 minutes per day.

If your Maltipoo puppies are 6 month old, you will be able to walk them for a total of 30 minutes per day. You can also select to split this into two or three walks or perform it all at once, but all of them actually depend on the individual Maltipoo puppy.

How Far Can a Maltipoo Walk?

The distance your Maltipoo can walk will depend on its age and energy level. They may be able to walk for at least 10 miles every day, if your Maltipoo is extremely active and playful. However, there is an exact rule to forecast the time that your Maltipoo puppy needs to walk, that is 5 minutes walking per one month of age.

It means that if your Maltipoo is 4 months old, you should take them out for two minutes per day. Of course, you can either split this time into two intervals or make it at once, depending on your Maltipoo’s energy level.

If you really want to increase the time, it would be better for you to do it gradually. For instance, add the time by walking it for 5 minutes extra. When your Maltipoo becomes used to it, you can increase the distance a bit further.

In fact, some Maltipoo puppies will go fine with increasing the distance, while some are not. However, it will depend on the age and energy level of the Maltipoo where the adult Maltipoo will need longer walks than puppies.

When Can You Start Walking Your Maltipoo for a Walk?

The best time to start walking your Maltipoo puppies is after their final vaccination booster, meaning your Maltipoo puppy may be approximately 16 to 18 weeks old. However, it is to ensure that your Maltipoo puppy will be protected, since their developing immune systems lead them more susceptible to viruses that they can catch from going outside.

You can help your Maltipoo get their needed exercise simply by playing with them, while you are waiting for your puppy to be able to go outside. This way is very ideal if you only have one Maltipoo puppy, so that they can start socializing with other dogs early.

Walking Tips You Can Take

If this is your first time to walk your Maltipoo puppies, you may really need some successful tips that will allow your dog to get successful walk, here the are:

1) Time the walks

By deciding the time for walking, it will ease you to estimate how long it will take to walk somewhere. It may only take just a few minutes if you are looking down the street at your neighbor or at your mailbox. So, make sure to decide the time of your Maltipoo’s walk.

2) Use a harness, not a collar

When you take your Maltipoo out for a walk, it’s highly recommended for you to use a harness, not a collar. It is known that harnesses will let you better control your Maltipoo if they tend to jump or otherwise go astray while being walked.

Aside from that, the harness will distribute pressure over the back, chest and shoulders in which there will be stronger muscles, and not the neck, which is a very vulnerable area of the body.

3) Visit the bathroom area before a walk

It is very normal for your Maltipoo dog to pee and poo along the walking route. Of course, this is such a great way to teach your Maltipoo puppies the rules of visiting the bathroom to your Maltipoo.

4) Keep a routine

If you have a set time to exercise your Maltipoo, you may tend to stick with it. Certainly, it may take just about three weeks for something to be a habit. Well, it seems weird if you do not go outside. Furthermore, having a particular time to exercise will give your Maltipoo something to look forward to.

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