How to Train a Maltipoo Puppy to Stop Biting

Puppies are known for nipping and biting. Maltipoo puppies are no exceptions. Because they have the playful traits of Malteses, knowing how to train Maltipoo puppies to stop biting is a must. This way, you are able to raise a cute dog.

Need to note that aggression is one of the most difficult problems to deal with when raising a dog. However, with the right technique, you are able to correct it as early as possible. Habits like nipping, biting, and bared teeth are only some of the signs. Well, let us talk about how to train a Maltipoo Puppy to stop biting.

How to Train a Maltipoo Puppy to Stop Biting

Training a Maltipoo Puppy to Stop Biting

First, you have to rule out any health issues that could be behind the incessant biting. If it proved to be a behavioral problem, here are some tips that you can do on your Maltipoo puppy:

  1. You have to show that biting hurts
    Yelping after a bite will make the dog know that you got hurt. Several Maltipoo puppies are sensitive enough to pick up this stimulus. But each puppy is different from others. For instance, our dog gets even more excited when we yelp when he bites. The chances are the dog will come back with a painful nibbling. In this case, you have to try another method.
  2. You are able to use a toy to divert the biting into something positive
    If biting is something your Maltipoo puppy does not outgrow, then you are able to use playtime to correct the behavior. You have to be the one to initiate the play. After your Maltipoo puppy is onboard, you should praise it or give several treats if the puppy is gentle. If your Maltipoo puppy bites you, you have to yelp and stop the play right away. You are able to come back and restart the playtime after several minutes. Please follow the same rules. Keep in mind that your Maltipoo puppy should never initiate or control the game in any way. This is going to let the puppy realize that there are consequences to each action. Please do this repeatedly until your Maltipoo puppy learns how to let go of the toy when commanded to do that.
  3. You have to keep your Maltipoo busy
    One reason why Maltipoo puppies bite is their excessive energy. A short playtime with your Maltipoo puppy should be enough to drain the excess energy. Need to note that Maltipoo puppies are not supposed to exercise too much due to their own small size. Also, it will assist to have several chew toys lying around. This way, your Maltipoo puppy will have something else to nibble.
  4. You have to teach several commands
    To train your Maltipoo puppy to stop biting, you have to teach several commands. For your information, basic commands like “Stop!”, “Sit!” and “Leave it!” are good for starters. This is going to prepare your Maltipoo puppy for basic obedience training that will eventually stop the biting. The simple act of saying the command is also enough to distract your Maltipoo puppy from biting. If you are consistent, soon they are going to react necessarily after hearing the verbal cues. Of course, knowing how to train your Maltipoo puppy to stop biting needs a lot of patience and practice.
  5. You have to give treats properly
    Another way to train your Maltipoo puppy to stop biting is to give treats properly. Treats give you the upper hand on your Maltipoo puppy. Based on the research, almost all dogs are going to yield to any command when they know that there is a prize. Of course, you would not want to use it as a bribe for good behavior.

What Causes a Maltipoo Puppy to Bite?

Maltipoo puppies are naturally playful. Nipping and biting might be their way of giving you know that they want to play. Also, during playtime, your Maltipoo Puppy may get too excited that will lead to an unintended bite. You have to take note that biting is not always a sign of aggression. For Maltipoo puppies below six months of age, biting is likely due to teething. The discomfort of falling and growing teeth is just eased through chewing and nibbling on something, including your foot.

An undiagnosed condition is another reason. All puppies, not only Maltipoo puppies, feel vulnerable when they are in pain. If your Maltipoo puppy bites after you try to pet, it might be a sign that your Maltipoo puppy is ailing. If you suspect that this is the case, then you have to seek the help of a veterinarian immediately. The bite is due to improper hierarchy. Your Maltipoo puppy sees itself as the leader of the pack. Although Maltipoo puppies are not herders, they are still able to nip to show you that they are able to lord over. All of those causes are able to be fixed. You only need to identify the actual cause.

Common Signs of Aggression

Biting is one of the common signs of aggression. Although the reasons behind aggressive behavior will vary, the most common signs of this aggression include growling, nipping and biting.

We are going to explain those common signs of aggression in more detail in the text below.

  • Growling
    This can be triggered by someone getting too close to the dog’s food bowls, or even something as simple as walking into a room.
  • Nipping
    Nipping are snaps of the jaw quickly. There may be warning nips which are right next to the skin, or the teeth may come into contact with the skin.
  • Biting
    Biting is a serious step up from nipping, and describes when the jaw locks down and teeth puncture to the skin.

The sort of out-of-control behavior is frequently seen in conjunction with the Maltipoo dog that has no regard for rules. The Maltipoo puppy or dog frequently will not listen to commands, and will seemingly have the run of the home.

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