Learn How to Make Curly Maltipoo Haircut Styles

For those who have the Maltipoo with curly coat, you are probably aware that it is mostly inherited from the Poddle parent’s side. This thing is actually the most common in backcross generations such as F1b, F1bb, and F2bb. These kinds of Maltipoos are where the majority of the genetic makeup consists of the Poodle.

Just like the hair of the original Poodle, the curly coat of Maltipoo is known as thick, luscious, and very low shedding. The hair can grow dense but not long. It is unlikely for the curls to part in the middle or fall to each side as they will be too tight. The sad news is that it is high maintenance. It has been known that the curly coat of Maltipoo tends to knot easily, which can result in matting. For those whose Maltipoo has the curly coat, but you are kind of busy and have no time to brush the hair of your dog every day, it might be the best idea to give it a short haircut.

Learn How to Make Curly Maltipoo Haircut Styles

There are a number of haircut styles that might suit your Maltipoo. For the one with curly hair like Poodle, one of the most favorite is a medium shave with a rounded top. If you cannot imagine how this haircut style looks like, check out the following image:

Curly Maltipoo Haircut Styles

If you want to ask the groomer to trim the hair of your Maltipoo, bring the photo of the hairstyle so that they can copy exactly what looks like the one shown on the photo. After having the photo in your hand or in your smartphone, you can just look for one that is close to your area. Looking for the one that is close to your area is recommended so that everything can go smoothly and you will not have any hard time.

Before visiting a groomer, you have to know that it costs a penny. If you do not feel like wanting to spend it and are thinking of doing it by yourself at home, there are a few things that you have to prepare. These things include:

  • A pair of professional pet grooming
  • Shears
  • A brush
  • Scissors

After getting all the needed items, it is time for you to make your Maltipoo sit down so that you can start the process of cutting. Feel free to try the haircut style that is mentioned above, which is a medium shave with a rounded top or try something else. In case a medium shave with a rounded top does not fit your taste, you might want to consider some other haircut styles, such as:

  • Soft curls: In order to make the best of the curls of your Maltipoo, it will be needed for you to let the hair long. Letting the hair long can make the curls show up. As the cut on the ears is more delicate, the ears will look like curls with soft layering.
  • Shaggy curly: If your Maltipoo mostly spends its time at home, you might want to let its fur be long and curly. This haircut style features shorter length at the eyes. If you want, you can also trim the fur around the feet so that you can clean your dog without any difficulties.
  • Fluffy legs, fluffy head: As stated before, the Maltipoo with curly hair tends to get tangled and matted easily. If this case happens to your dog, you are recommended to cut their body fur short. Feel free to leave their leg fur long and fluffy. For a cool contrast, you can also leave the fur on the top of its head.
  • Little fringes: If the curly hair of your Maltipoo gets into its eyes, do not hesitate to cut it. There is a haircut style called little fringes that can make the eyes of the dog pop out.
  • Curled Poodle haircut: This haircut style will allow the curls of your Maltipoo to flow freely in the wind. By having this haircut style, your dog will look like one of its parents, Poodle. Those who prefer the curly look must try this look. It looks the best in the Maltipoo with curly hair, especially the very curly one. Besides, it is also best for the one with the body of at least 1.5 inches long. Talking about this haircut style, the hair on top of the head should be about 1 inch. As for the face, it should be shaved with the ears left at least half an inch long.
  • Lamb cut: This haircut style is really popular among the Poodle owners. With this look, your dog will be able to keep its hair longer. It will look gorgeous with fluffy on the ears, face, legs, and paws.
  • Continental cut: This haircut style is best for summer. With this hairstyle, your dog will be cool and it will look like an Instagram dog model.
  • Miami cut: This haircut style is also known as the bikini cut because the dog will look like wearing a bikini. This hairstyle is a traditional Poodle hairstyle so it will look good on the Maltipoo with curly hair. With this haircut style, your dog will look like a true Poodle with fluffy ears and head.

Do you find the haircut style for your Maltipoo now? When deciding on the haircut style for your dog, make sure to think about the dog instead of yourself. Remember that it is the hairstyle for the dog and not for you. If you prefer to cut the hair of your dog by yourself, you can also go to the likes of Youtube to find the tutorial video on how to cut the Maltipoo with curly hair. Watching the video is better than reading the written guide. Prior to the day of the execution, you are encouraged to watch such videos so that you will be ready on the day. Besides, it can also minimize the possibility of making mistakes.

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