Maltipoo Before and After Grooming

Grooming is one of the most common ways that most dog owners do to keep their dog’s coat healthy and gorgeous. Aside from that, grooming will also get rid of old and damaged hair, as well as ensuring the dog’s skin can breathe and keep them from irritation.

If this is your first time to groom your Maltipoo, you’re not late at all. Now, you can start by bringing your Mlatipoo to the groomer. If you need a reference and are curious how the Maltipoo looks before and after grooming, you can see some great pictures of  Maltipoo: before and after grooming in our post below!

Maltipoo Before and After Grooming

Some Best Maltipoo Pictures: Before and After Grooming

There’s no doubt to bring your Maltipoo to groomers, as they really have all of the tools that you are unlikely to have at home. Of course, they will really have the proper tools to enhance your dog’s coat and will give you suggestions on how you can groom your Maltipoo at home.

Groomers can also advise which products are great to use and how to keep your Maltipoo calm and which equipment you will need to best suit your dog’s type of coat. If you need a reference of best grooming styles for your Maltipoo, we will show you some pictures of Maltipoo with before and after grooming.

The Maltipo pictures with before and after grooming are available at Here they are:

1) Maltipoo Puppy Cut

Maltipoo Puppy Cut'

If your Maltipoo has a very messy hairstyle, you can ask the groomer to apply Puppy Cut onto your Maltipoo’s hair. Among dog owners, this Puppy Cut is a very great hairstyles that will fit for your Maltipoo.

This puppy cut is performed by trimming the head, body and legs all to a uniform length between 1 – 2 inches. Due to how similar they are, this hairstyle is often associated with teddy bear cuts. The main difference is that in a puppy cut, all the hair is trimmed to the same length from head to tail, while in a teddy bear cut, the head and the face are trimmed to a longer length than the body.

2) Maltipoo Teddy Bear Cut

Maltipoo Teddy Bear Cut

You can also try to apply a Teddy Bear Cut onto your Maltipoo’s hair. It is known that this haircut is the most popular hairstyle for Maltipoo that is also called as a classic style which people associate with Poodle mixes of all types.

To get Teddy Bear Cut, the legs and the body must be cut to a length between 1 – 2 inches with the hair around the paws rounded off. Furthermore, the body will be uniform in length, but will blend up to a longer face and head.

Well, the head and the face are what distinguish the Maltipoo Teddy Bear Cut apart. When applying this haircut, the hair around the head and face must be a longer length than the body, especially around the muzzle. The groomers may use the rounding scissors to give your Maltipoo puppies the signature Teddy Bear look that you really love.

3) Maltipoo Summer Cut

Maltipoo Summer Cut

Maltipoo Summer Cut is also better known as Short Haircuts that has become popular among dog owners. As you can see in the picture, this hairstyle is very gorgeous and is likely easy to maintain because of its short length.

The groomers will trim the entire body and legs to a uniform length that is typically around half an inch or shorter to apply this summer cut onto your Maltipoo’s coat. Certainly, you can also select to either keep the face, head and tail a uniform, giving them a longer or shorter length, teddy bear-style appearance.

Even though this Summer Cut is very practical, it’s important to note that your Maltipoo can be chilly in the winter. If you choose this hairstyle, you may invest in a doggy coat or sweater to keep them still warm.

4) Shaved Maltipoo

Shaved Maltipoo

If you have a Maltipoo that has a messy coat or may experience other health issues, you can ask the groomer to apply Shaved Cut onto your Maltipoo’s hair. However, you shouldn’t shave the Maltipoo’s coat to the skin if not needed, although it will not damage their coat.

Otherwise, if it regards to the dog’s health, you can try to shave your Maltipoo’s coat to skin. If your Maltipoo gets Shave Haircut, they may look a bit tiny at first, but their hair will be growing rapidly around 2 – 3 weeks in which it will look more like a Summer Cut than a Shave Down.

Okay, those are before and after grooming of Maltipoo. Of course, there are still some haircuts that can be your reference. However, we only show you the four popular ones that you can ask the groomers to make your Maltipoo’s look more gorgeous after grooming.

Grooming Tips for Your Maltipoo

There are some grooming tips to make your Maltipoo successful groomed, here they are:

  • Bring your Maltipoo to groomer early
    The first tip you should consider is to start bringing your Maltipoo to the groomer as early as possible to make them comfortable with new people who can touch their coat, paws, ears and others. The best schedule to groom your Maltipoo is when they are 16 weeks old.
  • Find the best groomer
    Before you bring your Maltipoo to the groomer, it would be better for you to start listing some nearby groomers and looking for reviews of each groomer. Generally, some groomers will show the examples of their work on their official website or their social media platform. After taking a little research, it should give you a best recommended groomer.
  • Show before and after photos to your groomer as your favorite hairstyle
    To avoid getting a haircut you hate, it’s highly recommended for you to show before and after photos of Maltipoo hairstyles to the groomer. Of course, the groomer will have reference to apply a hairstyle to your Maltipoo that you favor.
  • Brush your Maltipoo hair with right equipment
    If your Maltipoo has a matter coat, brushing is one of the ways to keep your Maltipoo’s hair still tidy. To brush your Maltipoo coat, you may need to use a proper brush. One of the recommended brushes you can use is Chris Christensen Baby G that you can buy on Amazon.

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