Maltipoo Black and White Puppies for Sale

Maltipoos are  friendly-dogs which are proper to be used as a home pet. Sure, you will be entertained by their cute behavior. Having a tiny body size allows you to easily carry them here and there. Of course, Maltipoos can be used as companion pets wherever you go. So, taking care of Maltipoo will be great for you.

As a hybrid dog, the breed between the Maltese and the Poodle is very varied in their generation including size, fur color and also fur pattern. One of the fur colors of the Maltese and Poodle generation that has attracted a lot of people’s attention is the black and white Maltipoo.

Maltipoo Black and White Puppies for Sale-

Yeah… This Maltipoo generation has black and white fur and sometimes his hair is curly which makes many people fall in love with it. Sure, black and white Maltipoo can also be your home pet. Then, how to find black and white Maltipoo for sale?

Well, if you’re looking for black and white Maltipoo for your pet, you surely can find them from people who sell the dog. Aside from that, you can try to find black and white Maltipoo from breeders. This post will also inform you of some online pet shops and providers who sell black and white Maltipoo.

Here’s for the list of black and white Maltipoo for sale!

  1. PuppySpot

The first online pet shop which sells black and white Maltipoo is PuppySpot. Aside from pet shops, PuppySpot is also known as a service committed to help responsible breeders to place their puppies with caring individuals and families. PuppySpot is located in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, San Francisco, New York, Dallas and across the U.S.

PuppySpot is more than just a service, however, it’s also a community of dog lovers whose mission to make lives better by putting healthy puppies into happy homes. Of course, with an open community, anyone can sell their pet dog here. Most importantly, PuppySpot is a trustworthy place to buy and sell dogs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of black and white Maltipoo for sale that you can buy there.

  • Rachel

PuppySpot Rachel

Price: $5649

She is a 6-week female Maltipoo. Her mom’s weight is around 7 – 8 lbs and her dad’s weight is around 8 – 9 lbs. Rachel will be available on April 3, 2021. She is a friendly lovable puppy which is looking for a family where she fits in. She will be waiting to go home forever.

She is a hypoallergenic dog which is best for an apartment. Before purchase, the PuppySpot community will give the vaccine first, so you do not need to worry for her health. If you’re interested to buy her, you can visit the PuppySpot here.

  • Bernie

PuppySpot Bernie

Price: $2,999

Bernie is a 65 weeks male Maltipoo. He is a teacup puppy where his mom’s weight is around 5 – 6 lbs and his dad’s weight is about 5 – 6 lbs. Bernie’s weight is enough and will be ready to travel and accompany you wherever you go.

He is a smart and  playful dog which will give you grade-A puppy kisses. He really loves to spend time with the owner by running around in the yard. Fortunately, Bernie is available today. So, you’ll have a big chance to have this black and white Maltipoo. Grab this lovely Maltipoo here.

  1. Micheline’s Pups

The second dog provider is Micheline’s Pups where it’s a personal blog that has a love for dogs. Apart from sharing various information about dogs, this blog is also a collector of selling various dogs from several owners.

Sure, if you’re looking for the Maltipoo, this site can also be your option as this blog also provides black and white Maltipoo for sale.

  • Luna

Micheline’s Pups luna

Price: Price $950 plus tax

Lune is a female name of black and white Maltipoo which is available for sale at Micheline’s Pups. She was born on September 11, 2015, that’s a totally old enough dog for a pet, isn’t it? Luna is outgoing and full of fun dogs which really loves playing outside. She is also working on her potty training.

Luna is very loyal to her family and love for attention. She is a breed between an 8 lb miniature poodle (mom) and a 5 lb Maltese (dad). So, when adult, Luna will be approximately 8 – 9 lbs. She has curly hair like a poodle which will be good for an allergy sufferer. She is highly intelligent and easy to train.

Well, if you are interested to have Luna, you can contact Micheline at 352-299-7419 or visit the site here.

  1. Petzlover

The third dog provider which sells black and white Maltipoo is Petzlover. Aside from dogs, Petzlover also provides plenty of pet animals including cats, birds, horses, fish and many more. Petzlover also sells puppies with different races. Sure, you can also get Maltipoo dogs from this site.

Here’s a list of black and white Maltipoo for sale at Petzlover:

  • Black and White Maltipoo puppy

Black and White Maltipoo puppy

Price: $600

The first black and white Maltipoo for sale is 6 weeks old. The owner does not have a lot of time to take care of him as working. The location of this puppy is in Mesquite, TX, USA. If you want to buy it, visit the site here.

  • Maltipoo’s for sale

Maltipoo’s for sale

This  is the second black and white Maltipoo for sale that you can get from Petzlover. He is a male Maltipoos which was born on January 10th, 2021 and will be ready for your home now. He is so fun to watch and play with, and he also learns a few things every day. He will get a chance to get along with other dogs and also cats. He is also good with kids.

If you’re interested in having him, you can visit the location in Lake Brownwood, TX 76801, USA or visit the site here.

Well, those are black and white Maltipoos for sale that you can buy from the providers. Make sure to check dogs’ availability before buying it as they could have already been sold out.


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