Maltipoo Rescue Dallas TX

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There are some established rescue organizations devoted to Maltipoos and small dogs in general. A lot of Maltese breed rescue groups will also have available Maltipoo. Most main metropolitan areas will have the rescue group that focuses on dogs like Maltipoo.

You are able to look for those specific breed type rescue organizations (in this case Maltipoo) for adoptable dogs, but most animal shelters and nationwide rescue clearinghouses will identify Maltipoos and let you to specify “Maltipoo” as the breed in the search keyword.

For those who are looking for the Maltipoo rescue in Dallas, TX, one of the most recommended rescue based in Dallas, TX is named Cody’s Friends Rescue. Cody’s Friends Rescue is the name of the all-breed rescue from the Poodles to Pits. This one is focusing on the dogs that urgently need the help. The owner and the team are dedicated to the Animal Rescue and the Adoption. With more than 1,600 dogs rescued, they are making the difference.

There are some goals set by Cody’s Friends Rescue. First, it help the homeless, unwanted, neglected and abused dogs to find the loving and forever homes. Second, it raises awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering, not only for the health of the dog but also to control overpopulation. Third, it educates the public and brings awareness to the community about the shelters and about so many wonderful available dogs that are euthanized due to lack of space.

Furthermore about Cody’s Friends Rescue, the adoptable dogs are placed in foster homes until they find the forever home. In a thing called the foster home environment, the team is able to really get to know the personality of the dog and how the dogs interact with people and the other animals. This aspect enables the team to help you on finding the perfect dog for your family.

Now, do not hesitate to adopt a Maltipoo from Cod’s Friends Rescue as all of the dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped, heartworn tested and treated if needed, current on heartworm prevention, groomed, de-wormed, and treated for fleas and ticks.

If you are sure to adopt a Maltipoo, here are the steps that you have to follow. The first one is to check out all the fur puppies on the Adoptable Dogs page and let them know which one you would like to welcome into your home. when you have found a puppy, please complete the Adoption Application and submit it to the Cody’s to be considered for the forever home. within 2-4 business days, the representative from the rescue will contact you. Then, you have approved for the official Meet and Greet. If the event goes well, they will schedule a home visit allowing dog to start a 10-day home trial. This one should be done to make sure the safety and comfort of the dog in the new home. After the trial, if you have met with your dream Maltipoo, you can choose to finalize the adoption process by completing the Adoption Contract.

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    1. author

      Susie Seymour2 years ago

      Are there any maltipoo dogs available for adoption? Can we please get om your waiting list? We have been waiting for about 2 years for the right dog.
      Thank you!

    2. author

      Mary Helen Aleman2 years ago

      Looking for a forever family member. We lost our sweet Dudley Rooney. 5 yrs ago. Still so heart broken. He help my daughter with her ptsd and I with my seizures. Without any training. Please if you can help us find a puppy. We will be forever greatful. Your Friend Helen.

    3. author

      Deanna Dorta1 year ago

      I am looking for a maltipoo rescued female puppy needing a home
      Please send any info on me in regards to this breed
      Thank you

    4. author

      Teresa Bearz1 year ago

      Looking for a tiny small dog 8lbs or less. Rescue dog .

    5. author

      Marti1 year ago

      I’m looking to rescue maltipoo. I’m retired and have time to be with do. I have a senior cat in household.

    6. author

      Susan Hamlin12 months ago

      I am looking for a Maltipoo rescue
      Preferably a young dog but not a puppy.

    7. author

      Sandy Conant10 months ago

      Looking for an adult Maltipoo, 1-2 yrs old. We have a Senior Boston, who misses her sister. We are older….late seventies….can’t do puppies at our age. Even another Boston would be fine. We’ve had four others.


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