Maltipoo Rescue Florida

For those who want to get a Maltipoo puppy, purchasing a Maltipoo is not the only way to take care of the puppy. There is another way that you can choose. This one is called adopting. Adopting might be not preferable for some people as they are afraid of the quality of the puppy. Those people who have that mind do not understand. Puppies at the rescue of shelter and the ones at the breeders are all same. The only difference is their luck.

For those who are living in Florida and are looking for the Maltipoo rescue Florida, you can consider a thing called Florida Little Dog Rescue as the option. Florida Little Dog Rescue is not a shelter. This one does not have the kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Every dog is fostered in the individual home. this rescue does rescue out of the private homes and in the spare time. In this case, you are not able to come to visit the dogs until you have gone through the application and the interview process and the rescue have contacted you about scheduling a visit. There is no set hour and the representative will answer all calls and emails as quickly as they can.

The main goal of Florida Little Dog Rescue is to place the dogs in the best, most appropriate homes. You might be confidence that your home is the best and the most appropriate, but the decision is still in their hands. The team understands of the needs and personalities and what type of home would best for the dogs. If you are not chosen to adopt a dog, it does not have something to do with whether or not the team thinks you could provide the good home for the dog. The reason behind it may be simply that they do not believe you were the best fit for the certain dog that you applied for.

If you are a good match, you will be asked to prepare to have a met and greet with the pupper within a few days. Please keep in mind that the rescue is unable to hold dogs to accommodate travel plans or vacation schedules. For those who are applying and are living outside the Orlando area such as South Florida resident, you have to know that not all of the foster parents have schedules that can accomodate weekend meetings. In this case, you might have to travel to Orlando on weekday or evening, as all of the foster moms are volunteers.

The representative of Florida Little Dog Rescue examines you to not apply for the dog if yo are unprepared or unable to take the dog home at the time of the meet and greet if the foster parent agrees the adoption aplication. Another thing to remember is that the fact that everyone in Florida Little Dog Rescue has full time jobs and lives outside of rescue. Aside from that, they are also unpaid volunteers.


  1. I’m very interested I just lost my Maltese after 13 yrs pls call me at 516-220-7433. Beverly Raymond Th u

  2. We are losing a 9 year old rescue. And would like to find a rescue for the maltipoo that is getting left behind.

  3. I rescued my Pebbles black maltipoo via Pet mobile adoption rescue 17 years ago. She was the best dog anyone could have had!
    She passed this past April of melanoma cancer on her
    Mouth! It was the most devastating thing. As a single mom she was my 2nd child.
    I would love to rescue another younger one. I can not afford the exorbitant prices these puppies are being sold for! Highway robbery! I can’t adopt older because I could not handle loosing one so soon.
    Please let me know if you hear of a
    Maltipoo or shitzu or smaller dog needing a home.

  4. I am looking for a young maltipoo. Either male or female, preferably a white or multi colored.
    My bichapoo just passed after 11 years and I am in need of a fur baby. I’ve been a breeder for many years in NJ.
    Please let me know how this all works. Thank you

  5. Hello , we are looking to adopt a Maltipoo. We are looking for a male adult dog that is good with children and possibly house trained.

  6. Hi, we are looking to adopt a female Maltipoo, puppy or young. So many scammers and also people wanting thousands of dollars. My husband and I are retired and need a sweet little girl to complete our home to love forever!

  7. We are seniors with a big back yard. We always had a small dog when the children were growing up. Now our 2 daughters have 2 dogs each so the grandchildren are being raised with dogs. My older daughter fosters Maltese dogs until a good home is found.

  8. Hello I would like to adopt a maltipoo puppy. I am a homeowner in Orlando, have a single story house with a big fenced in backyard, and work from home, so having a dog to keep me company while my husband is working would be good for me. I love dogs. I grew up with 3 maltipoos (or Maltese or poodle, not sure what breed they were) at different stages of my life. 2 of them lived until 15 years old, the last one is still alive but staying with my mom.
    I think I am a good fit to have a puppy

  9. I just lost my little Morkie. I had her 10 1/2 years I am devastated. My husband and I have so much love to give to another pup and would love to rescue one.

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