Maltipoo Rescue Houston

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For those who live in Houston and have a plan to add a Maltipoo puppy to your family member, you might want to get one from a rescue named Poodle Rescue of Houston. Poodle Rescue of Houston is the name of the rescue based at 13302 Schroeder Road, Houston, TX. When you hear the name, you can see that this rescue is focusing on Poodle. However, this one also the home for another thing related to Poodle, including Maltipoo. The main mission of this rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find the forever homes for homeless or distressed Poodles, Poodles mixes and sometimes “honorary” Poodles.

For more than 17 years, that is what the team at Poodle Rescue of Houston has been doing. This one is not uncommon for the shelter to have 50 dogs in the program at one time, and they often collect that many in a single day. This shelter is one of the only shelters in Houston that accepts heartworm bones and the other special medical needs.

If you are interested in taking care of one of the Maltipoo from Poodle Rescue of Houston, here are the steps that you have to follow. First, make sure that you meet the Prerequisites. Second, call 713 504 1224 to discuss your preferences and schedule the appointment. Third, visit the facility at your scheduled appointment time. You will be able to meet with one of the adoption counselors and visit with the Maltipoo dog you want.

If you want to visit more than one Maltipoo dog during your appointment, each reasonable effort will be made to accommodate you. First of all, please discuss it when scheduling your appointment. Fourth, make the adoption decision. There are two simple guiding principles. The first one is to find the right dog for you and the second one is to ensure that you are right for the dog. You have to achieve both things for the adoption to be approved. Apparently, the adoption counselor will assist in this determination. Fifth, when the adoption is approved, please complete the formal adoption contract and applications forms. Sixth, pay the donation fee. Seventh, take the new dog home.

If you have a plan to adopt a Maltipoo dog the same day you visit, you have to prepare a collar of harness and a leash. In case you do not have he proper size, Poodle Rescue of Houston has inexpensive ones for sale on the site. In addition, there is also a pet store nearby. Aside from that, you are also able to bring a crate and blankets or bedding. If you live far away, you can bring along wet wipes, the towel, and the plastic bag as travelling to the home may be temporarily stressful to the new companion.

What if you live outside Houston? Can you adopt a Maltipoo puppy from Poodle Rescue of Houston? According to the official website of Poodle Rescue of Houston, the answer to the question is yes. For more information about it, please visit the site.

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    1. author

      Marion Stacy2 years ago

      I am a young senior citizen, recently widowed and looking for a small, lovable Maltipoo companion. Please let me know the steps I need to take.

    2. author

      Dee Dobson2 years ago

      I am intrested in 2 teacup puppies grom the same litter. Girls, if available

    3. author

      Diana kern2 years ago

      I would love to have one of these Maltipoos and it would be adored, but $800 is all I can pay. It will stay in a nice home with people who love dogs and will be well cared for. I’ve been searching for some time for these
      Kind of dogs.

    4. author

      Elena walker2 years ago

      Hi. Have adopted 2
      malti poo. For 15 years. My daughters young family wants one. Please
      contact me to find the forever family dog for my grands

    5. author

      Melinda Poole1 year ago

      I would like to adopt a Maltipoo. I do not want a puppy Maltipoo. I prefer a female.

    6. author

      Janet Knox1 year ago

      Interested in adoption of a maltopoo around Christmas.

    7. author

      Kathleen Maness11 months ago

      Hi, I am interested in adopting a maltipoo adult female that is potty trained and gets along with children and other dogs. I live alone in a house with a fenced yard. My grandchildren visit and I also keep my daughters 2 dogs when they go out of town. My Maltese I had passed away a year ago and ready for a new companion. I look forward to hearing from you.

    8. author

      Hope Carroll10 months ago

      I would like to Rehome a maltipoo that is 1-3 years old crate trained and friendly with cats. I just lost my dog and my cat misses her too. We are a senior couple with lots of love to give to a new fur baby. Our cat Sir James Bond will be happy to have a new brother or sister too.

    9. author

      Hope Carroll10 months ago

      We live in Northwest Houston Texas 77066


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