Maltipoo Temperament

Are you planning to buy a white Maltipoo? Before bringing one home, there are some things that you should know. One of them is the Maltipoo temperament. So, how is white Maltipoo personality temperament?

When you look at the temperament of a Maltipoo, you have to look to the traits of the parents of the Maltipoo which are Poodle and Maltese. The two dogs are counted as the breed dogs. All of them are lap dogs and companion dogs. By being the lap dogs means that the size of the both dogs can make the owner to easily lift, carry, and have the dog sit on them. Every of them is easy to transport and to bring to he locations where the bigger dogs might not be able to go.

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Maltipoo Temperament 2

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No one of them has the sort of aggression. Some people think that every small dog has the barking issue. In fact, this rumor is not true at all. However, some breeds like small Beagle has the tendency to howl. The other small ones such as the Pug often snort and snore. It is because of the shape of the heads. Apparently, Maltipoo will not bark any more than any other breeds. Due to their size, they are not well known as the watch dog, even they are loyal to the family members of their human.

You have to know that the environment of the Maltipoo is put into will influence a lot of behaviors, including barking. For instance, if you put your puppy into a crate all day long or left alone all day without the proper setup, your Maltipoo puppy might bark from the moment you leave the home until you come back home in the next day. Fortunately, this bad behavior issue can be solved with the proper care, training, and some planning ahead of time.

There are the other temperament of Maltipoo that you have to know. The first one is loyalty. This one means staying close to the owner, being able to for the close bond. The second one is intelligence. It means that Maltipoo puppies have the capacity to quickly learn the training from commands to house training when they are well taught. The third one is amusing and entertaining personality. A lot of Maltipoo dogs and puppies are so good on making their owners smiling all day long as they are known for their cute antics including sliding on the floors, bouncing around, encouraging their owner to chase something, and soaking in the new toys just like a 5 year old kid who is on their birthday.

As stated before, there might be some behavioral issues that might pop up with Maltipoo. The good news is that most of them are able to be fixed by making the few adjustments or giving training. In addition, the adult Maltipoo puppies are usually calmer than the puppies. So, you can consider this thing before making the decision which one you should bring home. Good luck!

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