Recommended Food for Maltipoo Tear Stains

Tear stains may happen on some dogs, including Maltipoo that can commonly be caused in part by allergens and chemicals in your dog’s food. If it happens to your dogs, it can be such an annoying thing, as tear stains are particularly stubborn pocks on your dog’s face.

So, if your dog’s eyes are watering due to a dietary allergen, you may have to switch your pup to a healthier, all natural food. No worries! There are a number of recommended foods that will be great for your Maltipoo. So, let’s dive into our post to find out recommended foods for Maltipoo!

Here’s a List of Recommended Foods for Maltipoo!

After taking a little research, we finally found some foods that will be great for your Maltipoo to treat your dog’s tear stains. Here are they:

1) Ollie Fresh Dog Food

Ollie Fresh Dog Food

However, there is no specific food group which will reduce tear stains, but at least it will help to reduce the foods that contain allergen or toxins which must be filtered from your dog’s body as waste. It means that you may need to cook your dog’s meals at home with unprocessed ingredients from the grocery store.

If you want to feed your dogs a diet of nutritious, Ollie Dog Food is a great option for you where it is an all-natural dog food subscription play which features real vegetables and meats. With Ollie, you can only tell your dog’s age, breed, weight and other information and Ollie will calculate what portion size your puppy needs.

All of Ollie’s meal options are great. However, if you try to reduce tear stains, Ollie may recommend the recipe of turkey or lamb. Based on anecdotal testing, some dog owners suspect pea-heavy foods actually contribute to tear stains.

2) Lucy Pet

Lucy Pet

To treat the tear stains of your dog, Lucy Pet is another recommended dog food, as it contains simplest ingredients. Lucy Pet does not contain soy, wheat, artificial preservatives, corn or artificial coloring food.

Well, all-natural meats are from the main protein source and are always the first ingredient listed. Aside from that, the food is actually fortified with L-carnitine and taurine to promote good heart and Omega-3 fatty acids to provide a healthy skin and coat.

Buy Lucy Pet Limited Ingredients Duck & Potato Dog Food on Amazon.

3) Halo Natural Dog Food – Small Breed

Halo Natural Dog Food – Small Breed

It’s unsurprising if eye stains will clearly appear on white dogs than those with darker or multi-colored coats. It means that Maltese are some of the most common victims of tear stains and of course you should look for the great solution.

If you are looking for dog food to treat tear strain, you can take consideration of Hallo’s all-natural dog food. Halo actually emphasizes the use of whole meats and also produce in its recipes. It also never includes any meal or meat byproducts.

The research or Halo indicates that it will be able to improve digestibility by as much as 30% in some digs and the proof is in the poop. If more of your dog’s food is bioavailable for their body to absorb, you may see less of it excreted in their waste.

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4) Blue Buffalo Basics

Blue Buffalo Basics

Blue Buffalo is also a great option for you to treat tear stains in your dog’s eyes. In fact, there are so many dog owners who select Blue Buffalo dog food to reduce eye stains due to its commitment to limited, named ingredients without all of the artificial additives that other companies use to reduce the cost of their food.

Generally, the recipe of Blue Buffalo is a great alternative which will not require the types of allergic reactions which cause tear stains, among other issues. However, if you are more concerned with preservatives and fillers, any of Blue Buffalo Basics options including lamb, salmon or duck will actually work.

One of the best additions many people love is Blue Buffalo’s Lifesource Bits that contain a small morsel of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to support your dog’s immune system when it fights off infections and sensitives.

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5) Royal Canin Adult Maltese

Royal Canin Adult Maltese

The last recommended food for white dogs to treat tear stains is Royal Canin. So far, Royal Canin’s food is not the worst option, as it contains nutrients which can nourish silky coats, like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and Biotin.

However, people actually tend to overemphasize those ingredients and the fact that they have tailored their kibble to the jaw size of small dogs. Well, it actually breezes over all of the fillers in the food.

Three of the first five ingredients are brewers rice, wheat gluten and corn. In fact, those fillers are not necessarily dangerous or bad for your dog. However, they are not nutrient-rice either and some dogs with sensitive stomachs may respond poorly, causing more tear stains.

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Okay, those are five recommended foods for Maltipoo to treat tear stains. So, make sure to choose the best one for your lovely dog, so they no longer suffer the eye stains.

How Dog Food Can Cause or Prevent Tear Stains

It is known that dog tear stains are caused by porphyrins, chemicals canines excrete in your dog’s tears, urine and saliva. Of course, there are several reasons why your dog develops porphyrins and tear stains. However, it is very hard to prevent them entirely.

In this case, some breeds will be more prone to staining than others, since the shape of their skulls and the depth of their eye sockets. However, some dogs will develop stains due to environmental irritants such as cleaning supplies or pollen. Well, those can be hard to deal with as they are largely outside of your control.

But, the best contributor that can treat tear stains and will be able to control eye stains is your dog’s food. So, that’s why choosing recommended food is a very important thing to treat your dog’s tear stains.

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