How Smart Are Maltipoo Dogs?

The first word that comes to our mind when hearing about the word “Maltipoos” or when seeing them whether in real life or through a photo may be “cute”. It is actually true as they indeed really look cute and adorable, just like any other Poodle mixes. This breed is pretty popular with the face that looks like a teddy bear, fluffy coat, and tiny frame. Not only the appearance, they are also loved by many due to their loving personality.

While it has been known that Maltipoo dogs take after their Poodle parents when it comes to their appearance, some people are also wondering if they also take after their Poodle parents for their intelligence. So, are Maltipoo dogs smart like their Poodle parents? If the answer to the question is yes, then how smart are they?

How Smart Are Maltipoo Dogs

The short answer to the question is yes. Maltipoo dogs are smart. These dogs are not just smart but very smart. Their intelligence is inherited from their Poodle parents. For your information, Poodles are known to be among the smartest dog breeds in the world. They come second in the world, only losing to Border Collies. With their intelligence, Poodles are good at understanding new commands in less than five repetitions. Once they understand a command, they will obey 95% of the time. Being one of the smartest dog breeds in the world makes them great service dogs. In some cases, they are also used as therapy dogs.  Lots of them are employed as guide dogs and assistance dogs for those who have physical disabilities. Due to their keen noses, they are usually used as truffle hunters.

As you already find out that Maltipoo dogs are really smart just like their Poodle parents, you may be wondering if their Maltese parents also give a contribution. Their Maltese parents are believed to not be doing much for them in the term of intelligence. Apparently, Maltese ranks 111th out of 138 qualifying breeds when it comes to working and obedience. It is not easy for them to learn a command and it usually takes them 40-80 repetitions. Even when they know it, they will only respond to it 30% of the time.

From the information above, you may conclude that Maltese are not smart. However, it is incorrect. While it is true that they are not the most obedient work dogs, it does not mean they lack brains. It has been known that this breed has a stubborn nature. With this kind of thing, it is not surprising that they tend not to obey, even though they are indeed good companion dogs who like to please their owners.

Basically, it is possible for Maltese to have higher intelligence and better intuition which they learn from their environment. They may learn the sound of the owner of the car pulling into the driveway and meet them at the door. Besides, they may also know the click of a can opener means the owner is about to serve them a meal. It is also possible for them to want to sit in your lap whenever the owner feels blue or upset. However, they may have a hard time while trying to understand with direct commands.

The adaptive intelligence of a Maltese and the working obedience smarts of a Poodle results in the very smart Maltipoo. By inheriting these things from their parents, Maltipoos are good at learning. When learning, they tend to understand the commands quickly. However, as stated before, they can be stubborn, the characteristic that they take from their Maltese parents. A lot of people think that their stubbornness is just their rebellious personality and has nothing to do with their intelligence. It is believed that they think they are independent. They actually know what the others are saying. They just choose not to listen to them.

While there is no doubt that Maltipoos are indeed smart, very smart, their smartness or intelligence is not the thing that makes people drawn to them. One of the most common reasons that make people take care of them is that they have endearing personalities. They are perfect to cuddle and love to be around their owners all the time. Those who love cuddling can consider this breed to take care of. They are perfect partners to cuddle. However, it does not always mean good. Due to their love for humans, they can suffer from separation anxiety when the owners are away or when they are parting with them. Make sure to not leave them alone for a long time as they can be anxious or even depressed. Even if the owners need to go for a while, tell them that they will come back and will not leave them forever. If it is possible, ask someone to be with them.

For those who are planning to purchase a Maltipoo from a reputable breeder or to adopt one from a rescue, just do it. If you are a bit hesitant since you do not have enough space, just do it. Your place will be fine for them as they do not need much space. As they like exercising due to their parents that are popular as working dogs by nature, letting them exercise at your home is fine since they are small and do not take a lot of space. If you want, you can also take them to a dog park and let them do exercise there. Try to always have time to walk them in the morning and evening. It is actually enough for them to spend their energy. In addition, ask them to play in the afternoon.

Talking about the parents of Maltipoos, a lot of people assume that Poodles were bred to work. However, it is a less intuitive assumption with Maltese. In fact, they are also known as hunting dogs. Well, it is true at least historically. At first, they were bred to hunt down rats and some other tiny pests.

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