Apricot Toy Maltipoo Review

Maltipoo is a combination between a Maltese and a Poodle. To be able to produce an apricot Maltipoo, the breeder usually combines between a red toy Poodle and a Maltese. People like an apricot Maltipoo because this color can give more shine to the appearance of the dog.

Size of Apricot Toy Maltipoo

It is a good thing to see something apricot running towards you. That thing is an apricot toy Maltipoo. When you see their size, you may wonder how is their size actually. Well, a toy Maltipoo usually weighs less than 10 pounds and they can stand around 8 to 10 inches. You can think that the size of a toy Maltipoo is 8 x 11 – inch sheet of paper. This size is one of the most popular sizes of Maltipoo because it is not too big and also it does not need a lot of daily exercise.

With this small size, a Toy Maltipoo is a suitable pet for you especially if you live in an apartment. You are able to cuddle them all the time and also you do not have to spend a lot of times to accompany them to exercise.

Apricot Toy Maltipoo Review

Personality of Maltipoo

Generally, Maltipoo is affectionate, intelligent, and loving. They are able to get along with everyone they meet. In addition, they are also gentle and devoted. They are able to enjoy spending their days on the laps of their owner or even to walk beside them.

This dog also can be active and peppy. They are able to enjoy a good play session. They are also alert. However, don’t count on them to provide any kinds of protection.

Same as any other dogs, Maltipoos also need socialization. You are able to give them time to socialize since they are puppy. Socialization means that you expose them to a lot of different people, sounds, sights and experiences. If Maltipoos puppy can socialize since, it can make sure that they will grow up to be a good dog.

Apricot Color in a Maltipoo

Apricot Maltipoo is one of the most popular and sought after. It is because this color is gorgeous and this color can give more shine to the appearance of the dog. With this color, they look very soft and silky. To get this breed, a breeder usually combine a red toy Poodle with a pure white Maltese. However, it is important for you to know that genes can show up from 5 generations back, so the litter may not hold all apricot Maltipoos. Nevertheless, the chances are good.

Genes has an important role in everything about puppy such as size, coat, personality and  more things. So, if you want to have an apricot Maltipoo, you can come to a reputable breeders and make sure that the parents of the apricot Maltipoo puppy that you  buy is good in everything.

Some apricot Maltipoos are very light. So, you will see that they are cream. To be deemed this color, the puppy should have an orange or red tint to the hair. A solid apricot sometimes have several points. It can be white, cream and even red.

A toy Poodle tends to fade their color. What does it mean? It means that if a puppy has a dark, solid coat, then when they grow up, the color that they have will be lighter. An Apricot Maltipoo has  a chance to fade to cream. However, it does not mean that it will happen to all Apricot Maltipoos.

Is There a Teacup or Toy Maltipoo?

Maltipoo is a hybrid or a designer dog. There is not a standard size of this dog. However, the National Maltipoo Club and the Maltipoo Club of America set a weight range for this dog. An adult of this dog should weigh about 5 to 12 lbs.

Teacup or Toy means small. Maltipoos with this size would be one that weighed less than 5 pounds when they are fully grown. However, it is important for you to know that those who recognize the Maltipoo does not recognize the Teacup or Toy as a separate dog breed. AKC recognizes 3 size varieties  of Poodle such as the toy, the miniature and the standard.

Several Things Which Makes Apricot Maltipoo Puppies Different From Other Maltipoos

  • Fading Color

When they are older, some Apricot Maltipoos tend to fade into cream color. Usually it happens to Maltipoos which are born in a solid color. However, fading can also happen due to bloodline or genetics.They have the possibility to gray, so fading will happen when the puppy is one year old. Some breeders can identify it. Because of it, before you buy an Apricot Maltipoo, it is better for you to consult about it with the breeder so that you will get a puppy which can retain its color even when they become adult. Several Apricot Maltipoos will fade into cream. However, they are maintaining the faded red on some parts of their body such as tails, ears, and paws.

  • Breeding

To produce an Apricot puppy is easier than breeding rarer colors such as red, blue and black. Apricot Maltipoos are born by crossing a red toy Poodle and a Maltese. If we talk about breeding this dog, there is the possibility of the thing called ‘throwback’. What is it? It is a condition when a trait from 10 to 20 generations back still appears on the latest litter. With it, Apricot Maltipoos may be able to have a solid Apricot or a secondary Apricot color. Some breeder may still find this kind of result even though they control the breeding. But, in case the breeder applies a selective breeding, they can limit the possibility of this unexpected result.

  • Appearance

One of the reason why a lot of people want to have an Apricot Maltipoo may be because they look silky, elegant and regal. A lot of people like this color because the Apricot color has the ability to give more shine to the appearance of the dog.

  • Color Variations

The colors of Maltipoos are able to be black, apricot, brown, white, cream, and even red. Among these colors, the most sought after maltipoos are Apricot color. Talking about color variations, Apricot Maltipoos sometimes can be cream when they are adult.


  1. Interested in a Maltipoo, we had a Maltese for 14 years
    and just loved his personality. Looking to find a new little one. What is the price for a male Maltipoo?

  2. If he’s available I will take the maltipoo one and here is my address and my telephone number please get back to me soon as possible thank you the Amanda 205-404 Eric czapnik way Orleans ont K1E0A5 6138651364

  3. Hi, I’m Caroline and I live in Denton, TX. I’m interested in adopting an apricot Maltipoo (or any Maltipoo!). I’ve tried multiple websites but not had much luck. My email is czwirko01@yahoo.com. Please let me know if you can help me give a small dog a new home.


  4. We are retired looking to adopt a multipoo… we want to take them everywhere with us. Boating ,fishing , driving on trips.

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