Black Maltipoo

For those who love black Maltipoo, this article is for you. Do you want to know more about this kind of Maltipoo? As you probably know, Maltipoo is the mix of the Toy Poodle and the Maltese. Poodle has the wide range of colors with solid or parti black being of that. On the other hard, the standard colors of Maltese are white or cream. Are you wondering how in the world crossbreeding the two could produce the Maltipoo black?

People usually think that the white would mix with the black to produce the gray. The other people believe that it would produce the parti colored puppy, the puppy with the coat that has two and clear district colors. In fact, the genes are at play. The thing is more complicated than the two colors of the dam and sire mixing.

Black Maltipoo 1

Black Maltipoo 2

Black Maltipoo 3
Black Maltipoo is counted as the very rare puppy. To understand this most gorgeous puppy, you have to look to the Poodle side, since there is no black found in the bloodline of the Maltese. The data stated that the majority of the black Maltipoo puppies (about 70%) were black form tip to root. The rest 30% were blue or grey near the roots. The root color takes a part of changing part pf the 64% of dogs as they matured. So, the true black one will have the black hairs from root to tip and the coat will not change even when they reach adult. If the black Maltipoo is indeed truly black, the eyes will be black as well. You might find the brown eyed solid black. However, there is a chance that the coat will either turn or fade or the coat is blue.

You have to remember that the genes are responsible for coloring and hair texture of black and white Maltipoo. The ones that responsible for the color black are Locus K genes. Go look for the information about it to understand this thing more.

For those the owners of black Maltipoo puppies, you have to be aware of the sunburning effect. When the coat of your puppy exposed too much sunlight, it can develop red tinting over the period of time. This one is more known as sunburning effect even it does not affect the skin in any way. Fortunately, the puppy that effected by this effect might still be in the good condition. However, it is normal for them to be a bit dried out.

If you want your Maltipoo to retrain the coloring, you can consider to use the quality leave in spray every day. This one will add the thin layer of protection to the hair strands. So, you do not have to worry when you take your puppy out for walks, bathroom trips, and whatnot. Getting the leave in will make sure that your puppy will enjoy the outdoor activities without concerns that will end up changing the black color. in addition, you might also consider using the color enchanting shampoo. For your information, this kind of shampoo will not dye the hair but will bring the natural shades instead.


  1. My daughter has a solid black make 4.5 pound adorable maltipoo male. I want to breed him for a female puppy if anyone is interested. My daughter lives near St. Augustine Florida.

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