Dark Red Teacup Maltipoo Puppies

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Dark Red Teacup Maltipoo puppies is the term to call the tiny Maltipoo puppies that have the dark red color. The term teacup, which is also usually can be called as toy, is used to described the dog that is smaller than the standard size. As the hybrid or the “designer” dog, there is no set standard size for Maltipoo. Generally, the AKC, the most popular and well-recognized fog kennel clubs in the United States, sets the certain weight range for every dog breed.

Dark Red Teacup Maltipoo puppies are rare. Of all of the possible Maltipoo colors, the dark red is one of the most rare, seen even less often than a brown. According to the official website f Pet Maltipoo, the red Maltipoo and the black are the two most difficult colors to get when breeding.

The breed named Maltipoo is the combination of the direct breeding between the purebred Toy Poodle and the purebred Maltese. As Maltese is counted as the pure white dog, those genes will almost always affect the coloring of the puppies. As for the Poodle, the toy one comes in a variety of colors. There are 11 solids and 17 parti colors. It means, there is a combination of 2 or more. In the process of breeding, you have to know that any of those color will almost always be influenced by the white gene. In can be concluded that a brown will usually be diluted (faded) and the puppies will be light tan, and so on. Thus, in regard to the coat, you will generally find faded down colors.

When talking about fading color, the Teacup Poodle (as well as all varieties like Teacup Maltipoo) has the tendency to fade. On the other words, if a certain puppy has a dark, solid coat as the puppy grows, the color will often lighten. The red color can turn to apricot, the brown one can change to the light beige, and so on. This one is the genetic trait and one if it is not desireable, one is able to aim to get the Teacup Maltipoo and the other varieties of Poodle that do not have the history of fading in their line.

In this era, the same genetic that trait is usually passed down to the Maltipoo puppies. Therefore, Maltipoo puppies are able to have the change in coat from puppy hood to adult. However, this one does not always happen. In this case, if you want to get the Red Maltipoo, do be aware that the dog might be lighter as the adult canine.

How do the genetics play the role? For those whoa re curious about this, you can keep reading this paragraph. the Maltipoo litter is not just the results of the dam and sire. Everything, including size, temperament, color, and so forth are influenced from at least 5 generations back. You can say that the puppies are great-great-great grandparents. For some cased, you can also gave a Throw Back, when the traits travel down to the litter or else.

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