Maltipoo Puppy Crying at Night

You may find that the maltipoo puppy is crying at night and you wonder why he is doing it. If so, here is the explanation why the maltipoo puppies are crying and also the explanation about adult maltipoos crying.

The Reasons of Maltipoo Puppies Crying at Night

According to the Paws and Learn site, maltipoo puppies whine for different reasons than adult dogs. Let’s say that you just take them home and you find that they are whining a lot. If so, the reasons may be because they miss their mother and littermates. You should not bring maltipoo puppies home before they are at least 8 weeks old. When they are crying when you are trying to crate train them, they may cry a lot when they are in their crate because they are lonely and scared.

Maltipoo Puppy Crying at Night

The Reasons of Adult Maltipoos Crying

In general, here are some reasons why maltipoos are crying according to the Paws and Learn site.

  • They are stressed.
    It is important to learn to read the body language of your dog to understand their crying. If you know what they are trying to communicate, it will help you know how to stop it. Let’s say that you are looking for signs of stress. When you are doing it, you have to see whether the dog is doing any of the things like barking, licking lips, growling, yawning, raised hackles, whale eyes, pacing and freezing or very stiff and tense body. However, they may not show all of the signs at the same time. If you see these signs, you have to be careful because they may be stressed and the next thing that they will do may be biting. The thing that you can do if this case happens is that to try to change the environment, be calm and reassuring, avoid too much stimulus, make sure that you are clear with training and giving commands, do not use harsh punishment and try to find out the trigger and avoid it or work on training to tolerate it better.
  • They may be excited.
    Maltipoos are sensitive dogs, so it can mean that they get every mood and emotion around them. Sometimes, they can also be high energy which is able to be perceived as excitement. When they are excited, their tail is wagging, they will run in circles, jump up and down, and bark. Not only these, they may also show zoomies where it is a sudden release of energy when they seem to go wild and are running around at high speed. If your dog is excited, the thing that must be done is to redirect their energy by taking them for a run, playing a game of fetch with a toy, getting them to burn some energy then rewarding them when they are calm, making sure that you have calm energy about yourself, dimming lights.
  • They want attention.
    It is important for you to note that maltipoos are smart and energetic. It means that they need a lot of attention. When they are feeling lonely or not being attended to as much as they need, the thing that they will do is to whine and cry. Usually, when they want attention, it will be the same as excitement, but there is more direct eye contact with you with an aim to try to get something. It is important for you to note that usually maltipoos need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day and also a lot of mental stimulation. The thing that must be done here is to make sure that they have had enough exercise and mental stimulation. Giving a fun training program like Brain Training for Dogs may be able to help unlock their hidden potential and help them learn how to avoid problem behaviours. In case they whin because they have to go outside to go to the bathrooms, you have to respond it. If they are whining because they want your dinner, don’t reinforce that behaviour.
  • They have separation anxiety.
    When they have separation anxiety, they will constantly jump and whine to require you to touch them, to pet them or cuddle them. When you leave them alone, and then they cry or howl, they will destroy things and they will very excited when you go back. If it happens, the things that must be done are to teach them that it is not a big problem when you leave. When you leave, you have to make it subtle and make sure there is no fussing or goodbye. Make your return no big deal and you have to ignore them until they are able to calm. Make sure that you do not leave them alone too long if you are able to manage it.
  • They are fearful.
    There are some breeders who do not take care maltipoo puppies well and as a result, they can be damaging and they are fear or aggressive. If they are fearful the signs are tucked tail, shaking, lowered ears and or head, trying to hide behind you or something else. If you see that they are fearful of a lot of things and you think they are whining or crying a lot because of it, the thing which can be done is to work very hard at building a solid foundation of trust between you and the dog. Then, it will be easier for you to teach them that the world is not fearful as they think. Make sure that you do not use any coercive methods of training or yell or be too firm.
  • They are bored.
    If they are bored, they will show signs such as short high-pitched whines which are usually accompanied by a sigh, they may seem lazy or disinterested in their favorite toys or games. They may be digging in the yard, getting into things that they do not like into the trash or chewing up your favorite things such as furniture and shoes. The thing that must be done is to give them some mental stimulation. You can teach them some new tricks, work on training, or given them a fun new toy. You can also try not to leave all their toys available all the time so that they will not feel bored with it.
  • They are in pain.
    Maltipoos are usually healthy and they do not major health issues. However, if your maltipoos are from rescue or they are aging, pain or discomfort may be the reason for why they are whining. You can find any physical signs like limping, licking a sore area constantly, or yelping and whining when they are picked up or moved. The thing that can be done is to take them to the vet.

That’s the information about the reasons why maltipoo puppies and adult maltipoos are crying. I just want to remind you that this is only an information that I wrote based on other sources, but I do not recommend you to have dogs, especially if you are moslem.

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