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Having a Maltipooo is not a bad idea. A dog that is a cross breed between purebred Poodle and Maltese is a cute, cuddly and affectionate dog. He is usually outgoing and friendly. He is also easy to train since he want to please their families. If you are a first-time dog owner or you live in a small spaces with small or even no yards at all like apartment, having this dog will be perfect. If you are interested in having this adorable breed, you can buy a maltipoo baby from a reputable breeder.

Talk about baby of maltipoo, it seems that we have to take care them well and more careful than an adult Maltipoo. It is true because Maltipoo puppy is very fragile. You even have to give caution when you permit young children to hold the puppy as they could be hugged to death.

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The puppy is quite round. It has some puppy fat and it helps to make that cuddly look. Its coat is usually soft and fluffy. When it grows, it will thin out a lit and the coat will be replaced with its adult coat. You can see pictures of baby Maltipoo that is very cute in the internet. For your information, the puppy will grow quickly. From its birth to 3 weeks old, its eyes are closed and it cannot hear. He is also born without having any teeth. The things that he needs is only nursing and sleeping. When it is 3 weeks old, it can hear well and its eyes are open as well. It is also its time for the puppy to try to walk firstly. So, it is fine if the puppy stumble and wobble because it needs to get used to stretching out its muscle and discovering its balance. When it is 4 to 5 weeks old, the puppy will hear fully, see fully and walk very well. At this age, the puppy is also learning behaviour from the dam and their littermates, especially the act of biting. When the puppy is 6 weeks old, its milk teeth are fully emerged. At this age, the puppy is on solid food and spending much more time away from the dam.When the puppy is 8 weeks old, it is dewormed and has had the first round of puppy shots. The puppy will be active, curious, and hyper.

When you have a cute baby Maltipoo, you have to note some care tips.

  • Never bring the puppy into a public area where there are dogs until all puppy shots are done.
  • Locate a good vet and keep all appointments. It is because your puppy must be vaccinated, de-wormed and has healthy checks during this time of growth.
  • If the puppy has had all shots, begin a routine of two walks per day.
  • Give a lot of stimulation to teach a puppy all about its environment.
  • Pay attention to the teeth, ears, anal glands, and all parts of the puppy’s body, so you can avoid it from a health issue.

So, are you ready to take care a Maltipoo? You can choose any color that you want like Apricot Maltipoo, white, black, brown, red, gray, cream, or silver. Then, have fun with your Maltipoo puppy!

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      I’ll take one of the multitudes puppies for free if it’s okay with you guys here’s my phone number and my address 6138651364 205-404 Eric czapnik way Orleans ont K1E0A5


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