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Maltipoo dog is a cross between a Maltese Teacup dog breed and a Poodle dog breed. Both of the Maltese dog and the Poodle dog are very fluffy and hairy dogs. The cross breeds such as the Maltipoo are often referred to as designer dogs rather than mixed breeds. Based on the research, the Teacup Maltipoo was originated in the United States (US). How are the temperaments of Maltipoo dog? The Maltipoo dog are extremely intelligent, smart, gentle, brave, friendly and easy to train. It makes many people very interested to own the Maltipoo dog.

Besides that, the Maltipoo dog is non-shedding. It is one of advantages own the Maltipoo because this dog do not need special treatment. In this case, you will not spend your money very much in grooming this Maltipoo dog. By the way, how are about the colors of Maltipoo dog? You have to know that the Maltipoo colors are able to be a solid or two colors (parti-coat). The Maltipoo colors include brown, black, blue, apricot, gray, white, silver, cream, red and silver beige. Talk about the Maltipoo dog, in this time, we are going to discuss about the Maltipoo brown.

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Actually, the Maltipoo brown is rare. What make the Maltipoo brown rare? Based on the research, it is all about genetics. In this case, the Maltipoo puppy is able to receive half of genetic instructions from the dam and half from the sire. The most Maltipoos are first generation. It means that one parent is going to be a purebred Maltese and one parent is going to be a purebred Poodle. The Maltipoo brown has a deep dark color. It is deeper than bronze, tan and golden. The brown color of Maltipoo is created by the bb gene and it oppose to the BB gene of black Maltipoo. This Maltipoos brown will not have black pigment anywhere on the body include on the eyes and nose. Those areas also are going to be brown. Although the the Maltipoo brown is rare, but there are some people who want to own the Maltipoo brown, especially the Maltipoo brown puppy. By the way, if you are going to purchase the Maltipoo brown puppy, actually you are able to visit the breeders who provide the brown Maltipoo puppies for sale.

Talk about the brown Maltipoo, in this article we will also to share the popular names for dogs with a brown coat. Of course, it is very fun to name a puppy in regard to his coloring. In the following text, you are able to see the list of popular names for dogs with a brown coat. Those are Acorn, Almond Joy, Amaretto, Autumn, Bronze, Brownie, Brown Bear, Buster Brown, Cadbury, Cappuccino, Carmelo, Charlie Brown, Chestnut, Choco, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Coffee Bean, Cola, Cookie, Espresso, Hazel, Hershey and Hickory. When you are going to purchase a brown Maltipoo, you can also search from the internet about the information for brown Maltipoo for sale. Of course, the brown Teacup Maltipoo varies in prices. It depends on some factors include the age, size, sex and appearance of the Maltipoo.

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