Do Maltipoo Bark a Lot?

Before deciding to take home a dog, you may take consideration of some things regarding whether they like to bark or not. For some families, a dog barking is very annoying, causing people to have headaches and feel uncomfortable. Naturally, all dogs will bark at one time or another, that’s just what the dogs do.

How about Maltipoo? Are they barkers? Well, you may have a plan to adopt or buy Maltipoo, but you don’t know yet whether Maltipoos bark a lot or not. To find out the information about whether or not Maltipoo barks a lot, you can dive into our post below!

Do Maltipoo Bark a Lot?

Talking about whether or not Maltipoo barks a lot, we can say that Maltipoos do not bark a lot, as they are basically considered to be mild to moderate barkers. Well, it will be uncommon for them to bark without reason. Just like other dogs, they do have their triggers.

Fortunately, Maltipoos are an intelligent breed that can quite easily be trained not to respond to those triggers. If we identify their parents, Maltipoo is a crossbreed between Poodles and Maltese. Well, no breed has a reputation for being over-barbering.

Even though there are dogs that are bred to be barkers for different reasons and also some guard dogs are trained to bark when there’s something wrong around, Maltipoos are not likely to bark a lot.

Reportedly, there’s no data that indicates which dogs bark the most, that’s basically all a matter of opinion. In this case, small dogs actually have the reputation of being the biggest barkers, but they depend on the dog’s environment.

So far, there’s commonly a particular reason for barking if you ensure your Maltipoo is well taken care of. Of course, there shouldn’t be very much barking going on. However, that’s not to say that Maltipoo’s are perfect, but there are some ways to change their barking habits.

Do Maltipoo Bark a Lot

When Do They Bark Excessively?

It is known that Maltipoos are a naturally curious breed of dogs. Some of these can really cause them to bark, that’s a perfectly natural reaction. However, this tendency can prove to be annoying, particularly when their Maltipoo are likely to bark uncontrollably. Of course, this behaviour will be especially frustrating if your Maltipoo has not been trained to either stop or reduce barking when triggered.

You should know that Maltipoos are just a breed of dogs which really likes to communicate. If you are a Maltipoo owner, of course their barking is not without reason. Naturally, your pet has been triggered, as a result it begins barking a lot.

It’s important to note, those dogs are actually smart, as a consequence. Of course, they will respond to training very quickly. In a short time, your Maltipoos may be taught to ignore even their most natural responses.

If you start to see a trend where Matipoos actually bark excessively, it needs to explain to people that Maltipoo’s rarely bark without reason. Sometimes, Maltipoos probably want to gain your attention, but commonly particular actions, sights and sounds will trigger their barking.

Why Does Your Maltipoo Bark a Lot?

As we’ve mentioned, your Matipoos will bark excessively when there is one trigger, causing them to bark excessively. To identify when they will bark a lot, let’s see some causes that trigger them to bark a lot. Here they are:

1) Attention and Loneliness

One of the significant causes why they will bark a lot is because of the lack of attention and loneliness. Maltipoos are basically pets who really need your utmost attention and love. Just like other dogs, maybe, whenever they feel alone, they will start to bark.

Now, it will depend on the age of your Maltipoo. If you have an adult Maltipoo, they won’t actually bark as much as Maltipoo puppies. Of course, Maltipoo will feel secure and know that their owners love them so much. In some cases, your Maltipoo will start barking a lot, when you mess up their schedule.

Talking about Maltipoo puppies or dogs, of course they really need a lot of attention and love to make them trust you a lot. So, it doesn’t wonder if Maltipoo puppies require your constant attention every other hour or even minute.

2) Boredom

Your Maltipoo will  get bored if they have a very lack of activities. Of course, if a dog is really bored, the barking will be a rhythmic/constant barking. However, it sounds like the dog is barking just to listen to her own voice and will be able to last for hours. Well, your Maltipoo will bark excessively when they get bored.

What you should do is to give them a variety of toys to play with. Well, it will teach them to play independently. Make sure to give them toys for chewing and reward-giving toys. Well, the rewards could be either treat-releasing toys or toys which can respond with noise or movement when touched.

3) Fear, anxiety and nervousness

When your Maltipoos are scared and anxious about something, they will bark excessively. If your Maltipoo keeps barking a lot, you may have to check if there is an underlying fear that could be anything like fear of vehicles, firecrackers, sirens, strangers, children and many others.

4) Their health problems

Of course, the dogs will not convey their pain through words, instead barking is such a perfect way for them to deliver what they feel. In this case, they will also tend to bark a lot when they have physical pain or other health problems that could be food poisoning, bacterial disease or viral.

Okay, those are reasons why your Maltipoo starts to bark excessively.

How to Stop Your Maltipoo from Barking Excessively?

After you identify the reason why they bark a lot, you can then try to stop them from barking excessively. There are a few tips to stop your Maltipoo barking excessively, here they are:

  • Make sure you don’t distract them
  • Ensure to give them toys
  • Make a schedule for walking or playing with your Maltipoo
  • Don’t give them space to feel boredom or lack of attention

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