Maltipoo Intelligence Ranking

Maltipoo is one of the most adorable poodle mixes. With their teddy bear-like face, small frame, and fluffy coat, it is no wonder that they are a famous breed, but are Maltipoos smart? And how about the Maltipoo intelligence ranking?

In fact, Maltipoos are smart, probably smarter than you’d anticipate. Maltipoos are more than clever, they are also intuitive. Well, here we are going to talk about Maltipoos intelligence ranking and their personality. Also, we are going to explain how easy it is to train a Maltipoo.

Maltipoo Intelligence Ranking

Maltipoo Intelligence Ranking

You may have already heard that Maltipoos have all the smarts of a Poodle and all the sweetness of a Maltese, making them the best of both breeds. And it is true, Maltipoos inherit their own intelligence from their Poodle lineage. When it comes to working and obedience smarts, Poodles rank second in the world, after border collies. It means that poodles can understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions, and once they know a command, they are going to obey 95% of the time.

Conversely, their Maltese heritage may not be doing much for Maltipoos in terms of cleverness. For your information, Maltese rank 111th out of 138 qualifying breeds when it comes to working and obedience. Thus, it takes them 40-80 repetitions to learn a command, and once they know it, they are only going to respond to it 30% of the time.

However, to say a Maltese is not smart will be a mistake. They may not be the most obedient work dogs, but that does not mean they lack brains. Maltese are recognized for their stubborn nature. It means that they tend not to obey. Even though they are companion dogs who love to please their owners, they have a willful streak which keeps them from being overly obedient. Therefore, Maltese may be higher in what is known as adaptive intelligence and intuition. They learn from their own environment and act accordingly. Also, they might learn the sound of your car pulling into the driveway or they might know the clink of a can opener means you will serve them dinner. And, they will probably want to sit in your lap if you are scared or upset.

When you mix the adaptive intelligence of a Maltese with the working obedience smarts of a poodle, then you are going to get an extremely clever Maltipoo. They tend to learn the commands quickly, but they are able to be stubborn too. For some owners, this lends to their endearing personality. They view their rebellious streak as a sign of independent intelligence rather than an indication that they do not know what you are saying to them.

Maltipoo Personality

Maltipoo Personality

Maltipoos are smart, however that is not the only reason their owners love them. Also, Maltipoos have endearing personalities. Their tiny stature means they do not need much space. However, they do like exercise. That is probably because their parents are working dogs by nature. You may assume that poodles were bred to work, but that is a less intuitive assumption with Maltese. Also, Maltese are hunting dogs historically. Initially, the humans bred them to hunt down rats and other small pests.

Coming from two working dogs, a Maltipoo dog will have energy. Because they are very small, usually a brisk walk in the morning and evening is enough. You are able to add that to a little bit of play in the afternoons, and easily you are able to tire a Maltipoo out. Probably Maltipoo’s most desirable trait is their own capacity for affection. They are going to curl up with their human and snuggle all day long if you allow them. Of course, it means that they do not do well alone, occasionally become anxious when their owners are away. Maltipoo dogs left alone too long frequently will become anxious or even depressed. So, it is very crucial to keep them company as much as possible.

Is It Easy to Train a Maltipoo?

As we know that Maltipoos have a quick wit, stubborn streak, and loving personality. Overall, that makes them easy to train as long as the owners stay consistent with their commands and expectations. Being consistent means using the same commands, like “stop”, “sit” and “stay.” Also, it means you need to be consistent with timing. As explained above, Maltipoos come from two working dog breeds. Therefore, having a dedicated time for training will help them pick up commands quickly. Whether it is in the morning or directly after dinner, the owners of Maltipoo have to do their best to keep the times they train their Maltipoo puppies consistent.

Training a Maltipoo is like training most other breeds. They like praise and treats. Also, they are so human-centric. Most owners of the Maltipoo discover that they do not have to take corrective actions over and over. That said, their stubborn streak will be able to cause training problems. Occasionally, the owners of Maltipoo swear that their dog hears them and understands but refuses to follow the command. Luckily, Maltipoo’s are very cute, and their owners usually forgive them.

Aside from that, Maltipoos can also get stuck in behavioral patterns, like excessive barking. If that occurs, it is usually attention-seeking. Maltipoos will need near-constant companionship from their owners. If they do not get it, they might act out. Also, they might seem overly hyper, particularly when they are young. That will lead Maltipoos to jump on the guests or run around in circles incessantly. Usually, giving an exercise outlet, like taking them to a park or for a long walk, will fix that problem.

Maltipoos as Work Dogs

Because Maltipoo’s are intelligent, companionable and compact, they become excellent therapy dogs for a variety of situations. They are great for those suffering from anxiety disorders because they are really in-tune with their owner’s emotions. Maltipoos are able to act as a calming presence and also will use their intuition to give comfort when their owners or others need it most.

However, as explained above, they are able to be stubborn and overly energetic at times. To train a Maltipoo as a service dog will take patient training and early socialization. Enrolling your Maltipoo in puppy kindergarten, ensuring they are around other dogs and humans, and consistent training sessions are very crucial to train a Maltipoo for therapeutic purposes.

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