Maltipoo Lifespan in Human Years

As a dog lover, you know that dogs live a shorter life than humans. Even though there are some significant differences between dog breeders, however, all dog breeders have shorter lifespans. Sure, there are some factors which influence the differences in the age of dogs of several breeds.

The large dog build generally will live shorter than a small dog. One example of a dog breed which lived for a very short time due to its physical structure was the small French bulldog or large Neapolitan mastiff. In fact, the development of a dog is much faster than that of humans, practically 1 year at the age of the dog is the same as 14-18 years in the human age.

Maltipoo Lifespan in Human Years

So as with Maltipoo, this hybrid dog will stop growing in the 8 to 10 month range (if they are the first and second generation dogs of the standard size for their breed & the stud or draft is the toy Poodle) Then, they may also stop growing in 15 months (if the father or mother is a mini poodle).

Aside from that, there are also plenty of factors influencing lifespan for Maltipoo including healthcare and management, diet, how people care for them and inherited diseases. Well, the Maltipoo’s age from 12to 15 years old is the normal range for life expectancy. In fact, 13.5 years old is the average age for Maltipoo to live if their death is because of natural causes.

Here’s for a Maltipoo lifespan in human years!

You surely know that your Maltipoo will stop growing in a certain age stage and have a shorter life than human years, however, enjoying the Maltipoo in puppy stage can be a great option until you cannot get the growing phase anymore. You also have to know the comparison between Maltipoo lifespan and human lifespan. Here’s for the comparison!

Maltipoo Human Equivalent Stage
3 months 1 Puppy
6 months 3 Adolescent
1 year 7 Young adult
2 years 10 Young adult
3 years 15 Adult
4 years 20 Adult
5 years 30 Adult
6 years 40 Adult
7 years 44 Adult
8 years 48 Adult
9 years 52 Senior
10 years 56 Senior
11 years 60 Senior
12 years 64 Senior
13 years 68 Senior
14 years 72 Senior
15 years 80 Senior

Here’s the chart of dog years vs human years!

Aside from Maltipoo’s lifespan, you may also need knowing for the age of the dog in general for all breed vs human years. Let’s see the chart below!

Size of Dog Small Medium Large
Age of Dog Age In Human Years
1 dog year 15
2 dog years 24
3 dog years 28
4 dog years 32
5 dog years 36
6 dog years 40 42 45
7 dog years 44 47 50
8 dog years 48 51 55
9 dog years 52 56 61
10 dog years 56 60 66
11 dog years 60 65 72
12 dog years 64 69 77
13 dog years 68 74 82
14 dog years 72 78 88
15 dog years 76 83 93
16 dog years 80 87 99
17 dog years 85 93 104

Is It Possible to Increase Maltipoo Lifespan?

Of course, the answer is yes, it’s so possible for you to increase lifespan for Maltipoo. Even though Maltipoos have a shorter lifespan, however, there is a chance for Maltipoo to live longer. Sure, you can help your Maltipoo live a longer and keep healthy by doing some helpful ways. Here are some great ways that you can do to increase lifespan for your Maltipoo:

  • Prevent your Maltipoo from fatal injuries

As we all know that one of the main causes of Maltipoo’s death is a fatal injury. This injury usually occurs in the puppy phase, possibly until adulthood. Of course, you have to take some steps to help prevent injuries such as the following:

  • Make sure your Maltipoo is strapped to the dog seat when driving it in your car. Attaching the inner buckle to your Maltipoos harness and not to the collar is what you should do.
  • Teach your children for puppy handling techniques.
  • Remind every family member that Maltipoo is a tiny dog which may get stepped on if they are not careful.
  • Always keep your maltipoo on a leash when outdoors.
  • It’s better for you to hold your puppy if you want your Maltipoo close to you.

So, those are some great ways that you can take to make your Maltipoo life longer.

  • Vaccinate your Maltipoos regularly

The second way that you can do is to make sure your Maltipoo receives up-to-date vaccines regularly. Make sure Maltipoo receives every shot of the puppy-only vaccine. After the last round of injections, don’t bring your puppy out into the public until after 2 weeks. You can also ask your veterinarian about the need for a leptospirosis vaccine.

It would be better if you give booster injection for your Maltipoo. Your vet can then determine if your Maltipoo needs a booster injection by running a titer test and checking the antibody level.

  • Give the best and nutritious food for your Maltipoo

If you want to make your Maltipoos life longer, be sure to always give them the best and nutritious food. Maybe your expenses will swell a little, but this is one of the most important factors in determining the age of your Maltipoo. Choosing premium natural and healthy food for your Maltipoo is a must. These foods are not full of chemical additives and other substances known to cause cancer.

Aside from the best and nutritious food, you also have to filter your water as in some areas of the country, the regular tap water may contain toxins and carcinogenic agents. Taking a consideration to connect a filter to your kitchen sink or buy a filtered water pitcher.

  • Exercise your Maltipoo regularly

The easiest thing you can do to help your Maltipoo live longer, is take a daily leisurely walk. This can help prevent various health-related problems, help balance the metabolism and ensure that your dog’s heart remains strong.

Well, those are plenty of great ways that you can do to help your Maltipoon a longer lifespan.

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