How to Find Maltipoo for Adoption Near Me

Many people are wondering how to find Maltipoo for adoption from their place nearby. As there is no such thing as the Maltipoo Puppy Store, it certainly makes people who want to adopt Mlatipoo have a little trouble looking for it. However, this way is to avoid online scams and also any tricks.

One of the enthusiasm that Maltipoo lovers have for adopting it is that the Maltipoo is one of the most popular hybrid dogs due to the cross-breeding between the Maltese and the Poodle. In fact, this mixed pair seemed to have gained popularity in a short period of time and is on the rise.

How to Find Maltipoo for Adoption Near Me

Where Can You Find Maltipoo for Adoption?

Certainly, there are some ways to find Maltipoo for adoption. The greatest way to find Maltipoo is through your local animal shelter and rescue organization. As we’ve mentioned above, Maltipoo is unfrequently available on pet shops as Maltipoo is quite rare hybrid dogs. Sure, they are not sold freely.

Aside from local animal shelter and rescue organization, you can also try finding the dog’s owners who want to sell their Maltipoo. Of course, you can find them on some online sites or personal blog which certainly will sell Maltipoo. Even though Maltipoo is not sale online, if it’s second hand, there is a chance they will resell their Maltipoo by advertising in several online stores or blogs. However, finding Maltipoo in pet sheop is not often recommended.

Another method to get Maltipoo is by rescuing Maltipoo which was thrown out of a drive-thru window. Or you can adopt Maltipoo from your friends, neighbor or also co-worker who cannot no longer keep Maltipoo.

Here are providers including pet shop, local animal shelter, personal blog and also rescue organization which sell Maltipoo:

  1. PuppySpot

PuppySpot is one of local animal shelter which sells Maltipoo. They committed in helping responsible breeders to place their puppies with caring individuals and families. PuppySpot is located in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, San Francisco, New York, Dallas and across the U.S.

We think that PuppySpot is more than just an animal shelter, however, it’s also a community of dog lovers whose mission to make lives better by putting healthy puppies into happy homes. Of course, with an open community, anyone can sell their pet dog here. Most importantly, PuppySpot is a trustworthy place to find Maltipoo.

  1. Petzlover

Petzlover can also be a great place to get Maltipoo. Not only dogs, Petzlover also provides plenty of pet animals including cats, birds, horses, fish and many more. Petzlover also sells puppies with different races. Sure, you can also get Maltipoo dogs from this site.

  1. Micheline’s Pups

This is a personal blog where the owner is really enthusiast for dogs. Apart from sharing various information about dogs, this blog is also a collector of selling various dogs from several owners. Sure, if you’re looking for the Maltipoo, this site can also be your option as this blog also provides Maltipoos for sale.

  1. Adopt Me

You can also use Adopt Me site to find Maltipoo for adoption. However, this site provides a tool to help you find one near you. To ease you finding the dog you want, you should choose the dog race on the Breed option. Then, choose the location you want, many people commonly choose the location near them. In the way of choosing the location, don’t forget to enter the zip code/ postal.

Once you choose the location nearby, you can also choose the distance range. You will also be required to enter your gender and age, but they’re optional. If you do not want, leave it. after are filled, you can then click on Search button to continue the search.

Through Adopt Me site, you can also find Maltipoo by browsing by states, top cities and also provinces.

  1. Doodle Rescue Collective (All U.S.A)

Get more information about Doodle Rescue Collective here.

  1. Poodles and Pals (California)

Get more information about Poodles and Pals here.

  1. Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue (Northeast Region)

Get more information about Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue here.

  1. Florida Poodle Rescue (Florida)

Get more information about Florida Poodle Rescue here.

  1. Poodle Rescue Connecticut (East Coast)

Get more information about Poodle Rescue Connecticut here.

  1. Doodle Dandy Rescue (Texas)

Get more information about Doodle Dandy Rescue by sending an email at

Well, those are some places that you can use to adopt Maltipoo.

Location of Local Animal Shelters Nearby

This post will also list some locations of local animal shelters that you can visit to adopt Maltipoo. Here are they:

  • Alaska (Wasilla) – Shelter not specified
  • Arizona (Scottsdale) – Foothills Animal Rescue
  • Arkansas (Maumelle) – Maumelle Animal Services
  • Arkansas (Bella Vista) – Bella Vista Animal Shelter
  • California (Tueolomne) – Shelter not specified
  • California (Simi Valley) – Shelter not specified
  • California (Walnut Creek) –  Nor Cal Poodle Rescue
  • California (San Diego) – Maltese and More Rescue
  • California (San Diego) – Thrive Animal Rescue
  • California (Fresno) – ASPCA
  • California (Los Angeles) – Smash Face Rescue
  • California (Oakland) – Oakland Animal Services
  • California (Corona del Mar) – Lovebugs Rescue
  • California (Orange) – Orange County Animal Shelter
  • California (Rosamond) – Second Hand Animals
  • Colorado (Glenwood Springs) – Colorado Animal Rescue
  • Connecticut (New Haven) – New Haven Animal Shelter
  • Connecticut (Bethel) – Danbury Animal Welfare Society
  • Florida (Boca Raton) – Tri County Animal Rescue
  • Florida (Orange Park) – Clay County Safe Animal Shelter
  • Georgia (Atlanta) – Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption
  • Idaho (Idaho Falls) – Snake River Animal Shelter
  • Indiana (Indianapolis) – Humane Society of Indianapolis
  • Louisiana (New Orleans) – SPCA
  • Massachusetts (Methuen) – MSPCA
  • Minnesota (Eden Prairie) – Secondhand Hounds
  • North Carolina (Apex) – Animal Hospital (was in foster care)
  • New Hampshire – Animal Rescue League
  • New Jersey (Tenafly) – Pet ResQ, Inc.
  • New York (Portchester) – Savings Paw Rescue
  • New York (Yonkers) – Yonkers Animal Shelter
  • Ohio (Marietta) – Humane Society of the Ohio Valley
  • Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) – Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
  • Tennessee – Greeneville – LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary
  • Tennessee (Madisonville) – Monroe County Animal Shelter
  • Texas (McKinney) – Sheree’s Dog Rescue
  • Virginia (Portsmouth) – Portsmouth Humane Society
  • Wyoming (Laramie)- Laramie Animal Shelter

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