Black and White Maltipoo Haircuts

Derived from crossbreeding between the Poodle and Maltese races, Maltipoo certainly has the appearance of both. If the long and white fur is from the Maltese, surely the Poodle inherits the curly hair. Sure, the Maltipoo’s hair will be great if juggled into several hairstyles.

Although the Maltipoo has thick fur like a ball of fur, they shed very little. Of course, no tumbleweed hair picks are available with this breed which means Maltipoos is great for allergy sufferers as well as being perfect for people who want a lower maintenance dog.

Poodles can inherit more than 11 different styles on Maltipoo. You may see Maltipoos who have solid straight hair which is likely to be derived from the many Maltese genes and Maltipoo with red and curly hair, or black with curly hair.

Keeping the dog’s hair looking gorgeous requires hairstyles that suits him well. Sure, there are many choices of hairstyles that you can apply to Maltipoos. Well, if you are looking for matching hairstyle ideas for your Maltipoo, you’re totally at the right page now as we’ll give you a list of top haircuts for your Maltipoo.

Top 10 Black and White Maltipoo Haircuts Ideas

Sure, the haircuts which will be listed below are proper for any Maltipoo fur color especially for black and white Maltipoos. Here’s a list of Maltipoo haircuts:

  • Wavy Hairs

Wavy Hairs

The first great haircut for Maltipoo is wavy. We think that this haircut is reliable for you who do not have a lot of time to take care of your Maltipoo. Sure, instead of combing the long hair on the ears, it’s better to try leaving it natural. His hair will curl up to the look of waves. However, the wavy ears are the most gorgeous dog ears which make for a cute look. Wavy haircut is one of the funkiest Maltipoo haircut styles.

  • Miami Cut

Miami Cut

Even though the image is not of a Maltipoo dog, we also want to emphasize that the Miami cut can also be a great haircut for your Maltipoo. You may already know that Miami Cut is a traditional standard and toy poodle haircut which shows the hair on the head and hindquarters while shaving the rest.

As Maltipoo is half of a Poodle, certainly some owners really love to give their dogs this haircut. For Poodle, this haircut really keeps their joints warm while showing off their athletic builds. This haircut is known as ‘bikini’ as it sort of resembles a poddle which is wearing a bikini.

  • Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut is another Poodle haircut which is usually used for show poodles. You can slightly trim the ears, however, leave them long and fluffed out for maximum appeal. If you want to apply this haircut to your Maltipoo, you can cut the length of the fur along the body steadily to imitate the contour of the body. Then, finish the Maltipoos fur with a fluffy pom for the tail. Now, your Maltipoo is ready for the runway in this new look.

  • Little Fringes

Little Fringes

The little fringes hairstyle here will make your Maltipoos eyes pop out. As you can see in the picture, the fur tends to get into the eyes of the dog. This haircut also allows your Maltipoo eyes clear. So, the look of the haircut to also keep your Maltipoo’s eyes will most probably look like this.

  • Town and Country

Town and Country

Despite the picture is not Maltipoo, we think it doesn’t matter if you really desire looking for the haircuts for your Maltipoo as the haircut’s also applied to the dog. This haircut will make your Maltipoo’s head, legs and face also get a trim. While, the rest of the hair can be suited to the length you or the hairstylist wants. Well, the Maltese look will make your Maltipoo look like a million dollar.

  • Yorkie haircut

Yorkie haircut

The Yorkie haircut makes your Maltipoos ears and legs flowy. However, this haircut places the accent on the legs, fur and ears. Well, the fur is longer than the rest of the body. Sure, the fur on the legs is gradually cut with a bell-from look and the flowt and hairy ears.

  • Bob Cut

Bob Cut

A Bob cut haircut is not strictly great for humans. Sure, your Maltipoo will also look good with this haircut. If you want to apply this haircut to your Maltipoo, make sure to cut the length of the hair on the ears equal on the sides which are falling down from a discreet side part.

  • Continental Cut

Continental Cut

The continental cut is really gorgeous for brave Maltipoo’s owner. To get this haircut, you will mostly shave your Maltipoo, except for extra pom which you will form on their head and legs. The continental cut is proper for summer due to it’ll keep your Maltipoo keep cool and lead to excellent lion look alike photos.

Even though the picture is not totally Maltipoo, however, this haircut is also used for show Maltipoo. Your lovely dog will truly be a show-stopper which looks his beat in these tried-and-true haircuts. So, apply this haircut to your Maltipoo right now!

  • Straight & Sleek Ears

Straight & Sleek Ears

The sleek ears and long haircut for Maltipoo will make a great contrast to the fluffy fur on your pet. Your Maltipoo will look so good so you will be obsessed to brush them all the time on your day.

  • Maltese Cut

Maltese Cut

Because Maltipoo is a hybrid dog between Maltese and Poodle, sure the great haircut is not far from his parents, Maltese. This haircut is one of the most commonly seen and used cuts on tiny dogs. However, the haircut of Maltese will be perfect for the fur which is still growing as it’s much easier to maintain than the standard and regular Maltipoo haircut. We’re sure that Maltese Cut will make your Maltipoo very beautiful, especially the ears which attract people’s attention.

Well, those are some haircut ideas which are greatly applied for your Maltipoo. How about you? Are you interested in making your Maltipoo’s look more gorgeous by applying one of the haircuts above?

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