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Maltipoo is a cross breed between Maltese and Poodle. This cross breed produce a dog that has long hair that is straight, curly or wavy. Then, the color of the coat also vary from white, black, silver, brown or cream. You perhaps often see pictures of Maltipoos that are spread in the internet and they are so gorgeous, aren’t they? A website like provides you some cute and adortable Maltipoos. In the site, you can see the cute Maltipoo in a basket, a Maltipoo in a ‘feed me please’ expression, puppy litter, down on the farm, a Maltipoo in a ‘rub my tummy’ pose, going for a ride, teacup, princess, newborn, a Maltipoo in gold accessories, sitting in the drawer and many other. Those photos are successful in stealing your heart, right?

Then, when you enter Maltipoo haircut pictures, you will see that they are more gorgeous with their cute haircut. You can see moderate length, full body hair cut. This cut, the coat is roughly 1 to 5 inches long. The hair on the forehead is long enough to part to the sides. He is so cute with this hairstyle because the fluff of the coat give the dog a puppy-like look.

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Then, squared, shaved cut and modified tail. In this style, the coat is shaved down, but the facial hair is squared off and it gives a very neat and tidy look. The tail is kept to plume in place and it adds a cute touch. There is also squared, shaved cut with modified tail plum-high ear set. This style is similar with the previous one, but if the ears of Maltipoo is high, the ears hair will fluff out like this as opposed to falling with the curve of the face. Puppy cut, long top hair is a style where the coat is trimmed to a medium length, but hair atop the head are permitted to be long. It adds a dash of pizzazz. If the forehead ears grow out a little bit longer, they will be pulled back into a topknot. The next style is moderate shave, curly hair. This style can be applied to a Maltipoo which has curly coat like Poodle. It is a medium shave with a rounded top. The last is short trim, rounded, layered top, In this style, the coat of your Maltipoo is kept short and the whole head is rounded to create a dome. Feathering is done to them to give the ear tips the inward curl. Well, you can check their appearance of these styles in the internet. For sure, you will like them because they look so gorgeous.

Actually, you still can find pictures of a Maltipoo puppy in the other hair style. You can also see them when they are newborn. But, remember, when you decide to buy one from a breeder, make sure that you access a reputable breeder. It is because there are some irresponsible breeder that post some pictures of adorable Maltipoos but actually they get those photos from the other resources which means that they do not really have Maltipoos.

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