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The Maltipoo dog become one of popular dogs. There are lots of people who want to purchase or adopt the Maltipoo, especially the puppy of Maltipoo. As we know that the Maltipoo dogs are a combination of two purebred dog types. These dogs are a cross between a Maltese Teacup dog breed and a Poodle dog breed. Both the Maltese dog and the Poodle dog are very hairy and fluffy dogs.

This combination result the Maltipoo puppies which are very adorable, cute, intelligent, smart, friendly, outgoing and easy to train. Therefore, many people very interested to own or purchase the Maltipoo. Talk about the Maltipoo, in this time, we are going to discuss about the price of Maltipoo. In fact, there are some breeders of the Maltipoo who charge the Maltipoo with the higher prices. However, there are a number of endearing qualities which make the Maltipoo a great pet and has a high price. So, how does the price of Maltipoo dog?

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Based on the research, the Maltipoo puppies price in India different with the Maltipoo puppies in United States. Here, in this article, we are going to share the average Maltipoo price. We get this information from some resources include some website which show the information about the Maltipoo price.

  1. The average Maltipoo price is able to different. It is between from $500 – $2000 for the Maltipoo puppies and $1000 to $3500 for adult Maltipoo. In this case, the cost of maltipoo is going to vary depend on the size, sex, age, parents, quality, colors, breeder, and the geographical location. If the Maltipoo puppy cost more than $2000, you have to question the breeder or you are able to look for another seller.
  2. You should know that the smaller variety of a standard Maltipoo which called a teacup Maltipoo price, it is able to cost at least $600.
  3. When you are going to purchase the Maltipoo, you must also know that the quality of parent breeder is very affects the cost of Maltipoo puppies. Plan carefully if you are planning to spend more than a $2000.

Besides talk about the Maltipoo prices, in this article we will also share some extra cost when you are buying or owning the Maltipoo. Let us see its explanation in the text below.

  1. Registering your Maltipoo dog is going to cost around $8 to $32. It depends on your state or city ordinances.
  2. You have to prepare the budget at least $30 to $50 a month for recurring expenses such as food, accessories, toys, and routine veterinary visits. Then, you must also prepare the budget for emergency vet visits.
  3. As we know that the Maltipoo is intelligent. But, in rare case, there are soma Maltipoo which are stubborn, especially when they are still very young. In this case, you need to take the Maltipoo to obedience classes for basic commands like run, walk, sit and lay down. Usually, the cost of obedience classes ranges from $50 for a group session to $100 for a private session. For note, the personality of the Maltipoo it is also affect to the teacup Maltipoo price.

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