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There are a lot of colors of Maltipoo. Apparently, the most well known one is Maltipoo white. For those who do not know, the white Maltipoo is the mix of the solid white Maltese and the purebred solid white Toy Poodle. You have to know that the coloring does not just come from the parents. According to some breeders, the genetics can pass down coat coloring from at least five generations back. In the rare case, it is even further back.

Actually, it can be a bit tricky to know the coloring history for both dam and sire as most dogs are registered when they are puppies. For instance, a Maltipoo puppy might be born white and then change the coat as it turns adult. It can be registered as white but it is not. the color gene can be hold and it will be passed down when the dog is bred.

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This genetics thing goes for all generations. So, you have to be patient if you want to plan a breeding program, to get both female and male dogs who only have pure white in the genetic story. this will make sure the white Maltipoo puppies.

In fact, a Maltipoo dog, both Maltipoo black and white, might have the color fade. It is due to the gene that is often present in the Poodle. However, this thing more often affects the darker colors such as black, brown, or gray. Still, there is the small chance that the lighter colors such as cream and white can be affected. In a lot of cases, the cream color will either remain cream or it will turn darken when the puppy coat transitions into the adult coat. In this case, if you want to get a white Maltipoo and the breeder tells you that the certain puppy you want are going to turn white, this is something you would want to bargain on, unless you had the documented proof that both parents and 5 generations back on each parent were all solid white coats. Please remember that the white Maltese will be the one of the parents that are not all white. Some of them are the deeper cream or even have a bit of yellowing.

As stated before, a Maltipoo coat depends on the parents or the 5 generations back. If a breeder of your dreamy puppy does not have those dogs, you can simply look at the registration papers or ask the breeder directly if there was the color change. Most of breeders will tell everything about the changing. Just ask them well until you get all the answers of your curiosity.

If you are planning to get a white Maltipoo home and are looking for the cute names that suit Maltipoo puppy, you can consider these following names. The most popular ones are Snowflake, Sugar, Cloud, Cotton, Dove, Ice, Ice Princess, Powder Puff, Marshmallow, Snow White, Frosty, Milky, Pearl, and so on. So, what name do you prefer?

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