Red Maltipoo Puppies Georgia

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Maltipoo, which is the cross between the Maltese and the Poodle is one of the most favorite pets to adopt. This one is such a fun and joyful puppy that can spread their happy life to the others. Aside from being so playful, Maltipoos are also beautiful, especially the ones that have the rare color like red.

Red Maltipoo puppies are rare. Among all of the possible Maltipoo colors, red is one of the most rare, seen even less often than a brown. According to the official website of Pet Maltipoo, the red Maltipoo and the black are the two most difficult colors to get when breeding.

Are you interested in Red Maltipoo puppies and want to take care of one? If it is yes, then it is time for you to look for Red Maltipoo puppies for sale. For those whoa re living in Georgia, then you can look for the Red Maltipoo puppies Georgia instead. Looking for the local breeder is recommended for many reasons. Aside from the fact that you can visit the breeder directly and pick up the puppy by yourself, the puppy also will not be exhausted from driving or flying too long.

One of the breeders that offers Maltipoo in Georgia is called Sherry’s Maltipoo. Sherry’s Maltipoos is the name of the breeder that offers Maltipoo puppies (including Red Maltipoo puppies) for sale across the United States. This one breeds Maltipoo puppies that are healthy, loving, smart, and pre-spoiled. Sherry’s Maltipoos is located in Fitzgerald, Georgia (MAP). The location of this breeder is 100 miles south of Macon, Georgia and 100 miles north of he Florida line. The team lives in the country on 7 acres where the adult dogs have plenty of room to run and play and get the plenty of exercise. All of the dogs are not kept in the kennels.

How much does it cost for a Red Maltipoo puppy in Sherry’s Maltipoos? Apparently, the prices depend on the size and color combination and patterns. It ranges from $1,000 to $1,500 for female or male. There is also a non-refundable deposit of $200 that you have to pay. The deposit is like the guarantee that the breeder will not place the puppy of your choice to someone else. Aside from that, it also can be a guarantee for to you that you will be purchasing the puppy you specified.

In case you place the deposit on the certain puppy and you change your mind for any reason and cannot purchase your puppy, then the deposit will be used to re-advertise the puppy. please take a note that you can use Pay Pal payments for the deposit payments only. As for the final payment, it must be received in cash only. There are no checks when you pick up your puppy. all the puppies will stay with the team until they are completely paid for. For more information about Sherry’s Maltipoos, please visit the official website of Sherry’s Maltipoos.

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