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There are several Maltipoo breeders in Michigan recommended by one of the best sites named the Local Puppy Breeders. Those breeders are Michigan Maltipoos (Fennville, MI), Little Happy Tails (Belding, MI), Melmack’s Prancing Toy Poodles (Pontiac (MI), Dally’s Dogs (Interlochen, MI), Buttercup Puppies (Near Imlay City, MI), Fortune’s Michigan Maltipoo and Doodles (MI), and Mari-May Kennels (Harrisville, MI). For those who want to know about the details, please keep reading the entire article well.

Michigan Maltipoos is the home of Michigan Red Toy Poodle, home of Michigan Black Toy Poodle and the home of Michigan Chocolate Toy Poodle. This one is a family business. This breeder offers Toy Poodles, Maltipoos and sometimes has Miniature Poodles. Michigan Maltipoos breeds with compassion and love for Poodle and Maltese breed. This one breeds for temperament, health, and color to make wonderful quality bundles of joy for the owner of the pet. There are solid color Maltipoos offered by this breeder.according to the official website of Michigan Maltipoos, the Maltipoos’s are from AKC parents. They are considered as the first generations (F1). Every puppy in this breeder is socialized to people and the other adults dogs and loved prior to leaving the home.

Little Happy Tails offers the cute, healthy, well socialized Maltipoos to families and individuals. For those who are interested in one of the Maltipoo puppies from this breeder, please tell the breeder by giving a call at 616 794 3194 (home) or 616 250 5894 (cell) or sending an email to

Melmack’s Prancing Toy Poodles specializes in toys and tiny toys. This one strives to maintain the excellent breeding program and gives every dog the best care. This breeder is really selective about the dogs they use in the breeding program. How much does it cost to bring a Maltipoo puppy from this breeder? As stated on the official website, prices go by size, color, and sex. The toy ones will be on the lower side of the price scale and the tiny ones on the higher side of the price scale.

Furthermore, reds, Maltipoos, and phantoms are on the higher side of the scale. As for the other colors, they are a little less. In general, the Maltipoo male puppies are $1,400 while the females are $1,500. Is there any deposit that you have to pay? Unfortunately, the answer to the question is yes. Melmack’s Prancing Toy Poodles will start taking the non-refundable deposit of $400.00 for a puppy as soon as the puppy is born or right before the puppies are due. All the puppies are reserved in the order that the deposits are received. A thing called deposit is such a good faith promise and is non-refundable. Once you contact the representative of Melmack’s Prancing Toy Poodles with your Maltipoo puppy choice, the breeder will hold that puppy for 3 days and after 3 days if the deposit has not been received, they will take the hold off. Making the appointment does not means this breeder will hold the puppy.

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