Teacup Red Maltipoo for Sale

The word teacup, which is also commonly called as toy, is used to described the dog that is smaller than the standard size. Teacup Maltipoo means the Maltipoo puppy that has a small size. As one of the hybrid or the “designer” puppies, there is no set standard size for Maltipoo. Generally, the AKC, the most well-known and well-recognized dog kennel clubs in the United States, sets the certain weight range for every dog breed.

Teacup Red Maltipoo puppies are rare. Of all of the possible Maltipoo colors, red is one of the most rare, seen even less often than a brown. According to the official website of Pet Maltipoo, the red Maltipoo and the black are the two most difficult colors to get when breeding.

The mix called Maltipoo is the direct cross between the purebred Toy Poodle and the purebred Maltese. As Maltese is counted as the pure white dog, the gene will almost always affect the coloring of the puppies. As for the Poodle, the toy one is diverse in colors. There are 11 solids and 17 parti colors. It means, there is a combination of 2 or more. In the process of breeding, any of those color will almost always be influenced by the white gene. In can be concluded that a brown will usually be diluted (faded) and the puppies will be light tan, and so on. Therefore, in regard to the coat, faded down colors exist.

For those who are interested in Teacup Red Maltipoo, then it is time for you to look for Teacup Red Maltipoo for sale. One of the most popular breeders that offer Teacup Red Maltipoo puppies is called Texas Teacups. This one specializes in teacup puppies, including the Maltipoo ones. This breeder has become one of the most favorites due to the fact many celebrities have purchased teacup puppies from this place, including Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Black Lively, Kevin Harvick, Jonas Brothers, Ashley Tisdale, Michelle Kwann, Ciara, Rihanna, and many more. In order to get a Teacup Red Maltipoo from this place, you have to apply as soon as possible.

If you wait until weekend comes, you may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to take your puppy home. First of all, please complete the approval through Wags and My Pet Funding. Please take a note that you must be able to pick up your puppy in person for pet financing. The breeder itself is located in Plano, Texas (Collin County), 5 minutes from Dallas, Texas. Before applying the form, there are several things that you have to read. First, you must have a checking account and source of income and enter it on your application to get approved. Second, the income must be $1,400 or more each month (SSI & Disability is fine). Third, you will be automatically rejected if you do not enter the checking account and source of income. Fourth, enter the cell phone number and the bank account that is in your name for faster approval.

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