Toy Maltipoo Full Grown Size & Weight

If you have a plan to nurture a Maltipoo, you may be wondering about its size and weight. However, this amazing hybrid dog has different size depending on the classification. If you  already have a Maltipoo, you probably want to know  how big Maltipoo will grow to be. Of course, you may be curious about how big it’s later.

In fact, the size of Maltipoo is based on both weight and height. It also refers to their full adult size. One of the Maltipoo size classes that many people fall in love with is Toy. So, let’s find out about Toy Maltipoo in our post below!

The Size of Toy Maltipoo

Toy is the smallest size of a Maltipoo hybrid dog. The most Toy Maltipoo is between 3 and 10 pounds although the top maximum weight is 18 lbs. While, for height, the Toy Maltipoo is generally between a tiny 6 inches to 10 inches. Sure, the height here is measured when a dog is standing on all four feet from the floor to the withers (as the top of the shoulder blades).

Toy Maltipoo Full Grown Size & Weight

Sure, you can think of Toy Maltipoo size as approximately as the size of an 8 x 11-inch sheet of paper. However, this is one of the most popular Maltipoo sizes as they are not big dogs and do not require a ton of daily exercise.

Among dog lovers, Toy Maltipoos are a popular option for companion pets especially if you live in a condo or apartment. The Toy Maltipoo dog does not need a lot of practice and will be willing to cuddle with you all the time.

Moreover, if you have small children, Toy Maltipoo is highly recommended to get a Maltipoo toy or teacup due to they can easily get hurt when stepped on.

Other Maltipoo Sizes

Of course, there are still four size classes of Maltipoo aside from Toy Maltipoo. As we’ve explained above, Toy Maltipoo is the smallest size of a Maltipoo dog. Here are for Maltipoo size classes:

  • Small: The Maltipoo categorized in small size is some crossover between Toy and small weights and heights. Commonly, the most small breed dogs are around 10 to 25 lbs.
  • Medium: For medium size of Maltipoo, there is also some crossover, but most dogs considered medium-sized are in the 20 to 40 lbs.
  • Large: the Mlatipoo dogs categorized as large size commonly fall between 55 and 85 lbs.
  • Giant: There are not a lot of dogs which have the giant size especially for Maltipoo. However, for dogs categorized as giant size approximately has size with eights over 100 lbs and even 200 lbs. For the height, they will be around 30 inches measured from floor to withers while a dog is standing on all four feet upward of 30 inches.

Well, those are some sizes of Maltipoo that you should know.

What Is Maltipoo?

What Is Maltipoo

Maltipoo is not actually a dog breed. Otherwise, Maltipoo is a cross of the Maltese and Poodle as a type of dog which is known for their fun-loving and affectionate nature. Having an active and charming character, Maltipoo will be a great pet for all kinds of homes, apartments and families with kids or elderly singles.

Maltipoo dogs are highly affectionate which will make a great choice for a novice pet parent. Need to know, Maltipoos are highly sensitive which don’t like being left alone for long periods of the day.

Maltipoo is also known as companion dogs. Sure, they crave the company of their humans. They may also have separation anxiety when they do not get the attention they need. While, if you can provide a loving home which meets this mix’s needs, we think that you will have adoring family members who can provide multiple cuddling sessions.

Maltipoo Is a Great Dog Pet, Why?

Maltipoos are smart, affectionate and fun-loving dogs which commonly get along well with everyone he meets. They will also need daily exercise such as play in the park, good walk or play games with any tricks.

With loving and gentle character, they get along with kids. However, because Maltipoos have small size, they may be injured. Sure, the Maltipoos are highly recommended for kids older than six years old or family who know how to handle them.

Maltipoos generally get along with other gods and pets which can also be companion dogs. They can do well in apartments and homes alike. They totally have a high energy level indoors. If you see that Maltipoos are barking frequently, it doesn’t matter as barking for them can be a favorite pastime.

They deliver excellent watchdogs with their barking to warn you of anything suspicious. However, they probably are not the best choice pet for noise-sensitive people or those  who live in housing with noise restrictions.

Just like many dogs, Maltipoo also needs early socialization to  accustom himself to getting sights, sounds, experience and even  exposure to many people especially when they are young. Of course, socialization will help to ensure that Maltipoo dogs grow up to be a well-rounded dog.

How to Take Care of Maltipoo?

As we know that Maltipoos are people lovers, meaning they should live indoors with their family never outside or in a cage. Sure, you’re allowed to give them reward every day as a positive reinforcement technique. The rewards here can be food, play and praise. However, you will successfully train them without any tricks.

Give your Maltipoo around 10 to 15 minutes of exercise every day. By asking them for a short walk, a good catch in the hallway and also a play session in the fenced yard will totally help to keep their energy stable.

For feeding, you are required to give them a high-quality food amount 5/8 to 1.5 cups daily. Well, how much your adult dogs eats depends on the age, build, size, metabolism and also activity level.

Make sure to always keep your Maltipoo in good  condition by measuring their food and feed them twice a day rather than leaving food out all the time.

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