Easy Guides for Owner: How to Deal With Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

Maltipoos are types of dogs that love to cuddle. They love every second they have with their owners. That’s why they can get really depressed when the owners have to go out and leave them. The thing called separation anxiety is actually not new and their separation anxiety is not limited to whining. For everyone who is currently facing the same issue, here is an easy guide for you about how to deal with Maltipoo separation anxiety.

Reason why Maltipoos have separation anxiety

Just like most puppies, Maltipoo puppies have issues about being left alone, especially during the earlier days of being home. Since they are not familiar with the new place, it might scare them and they always want to be with their owners. Having dogs that are close to you is good, but it also can be a bad thing.

Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

The things that are linked to the Maltipoos separation anxiety

Maltipoos separation anxiety can cause more behavior issues. It is such a serious one if it happens more than once. You need to do something to fix it because it will never go away on its own. Here are some common issues of Maltipoos separation anxiety:

  • Barking, whining, and howling
  • Accidents inside the house
  • Chewing and scratching
  • Jumping back and forth

Ways to deal with Maltipoos separation anxiety

There are some common mistakes done by the owners when they are leaving the house. Below are some that you can do:

  • Do not overact

Making a big deal when you are about to go out like giving your Maltipoo kisses should be avoided. They will get distressed if you give them tons of attention before parting. The recommended way is to exit the door without giving them special attention.

  • Let the dog alone

Letting Maltipoo alone occasionally might be a good idea so that they will not get shocked being alone. You can try to walk away and allow them to have their time alone. If they keep following you, installing a baby gate might be helpful. Act naturally and increase the time of being away from the sight of your dog.

  • Change your habit

Maltipoos will know your daily habits. For instance, they will know that wearing shoes or the sounds of jiggling keys are the signs indicating you are about to go and to leave them. This kind of thing will lead to separation anxiety. To avoid them getting this disorder, you are suggested to mix up your daily habits. If you usually get the keys last, do it early now. You can also tie your laces in the place where they cannot see. These little details will probably work. Another thing that you can do is to go and then go back to trick them and to let them know that exiting the door is not a big deal.

  • Make the dog tired before you leave

If you have some time before leaving, you can try to ask them to play. They will be tired by the time you leave and there is a high chance for them to sleep due to tiredness.

  • Do not let them be the boss

As the children of Maltese, Maltipoos tend to be bossy and lead the house. Being alone can make them depressed when they find out how big your place is. You need to try your best to not let them roam the house as they want. It is better for them to know the limited places where they usually spend most of their time.

Crate training

Crate training actually benefits both you and your Maltipoo. You will be able to go out without too much drama and your pet will get peace. Just like most of training, crate training will also need a lot of patience. As always, avoid violence and raising your voice as they will think crate training is about these bad things. Crate training is really good. Not only fixing separation anxiety but also for some other things such as housebreaking, traveling, protection against the things that can be dangerous, and so on.

  1. First of all, pick the right crate. The best one is the one that can be used by your dog to lie down, stretch, and stand up comfortably. A large one is not recommended as it can cause another issue.
  2. Then, introduce the crate. Do not treat it as a trap and just act like it is a common item.
  3. Try to make your Maltipoo to like the crate. To do so, put a cozy bed and their favorite toys. in the earlier days, give them food inside to make them think that the crate is not scary.
  4. Use toys that can be inserted with treats.
  5. Star closing the door. Once they are familiar and love to be in the crate, you can start to close the door when they are fed inside. Do not leave and do not forget to open the door when they finish to let them know that the crate is not a trap. Please repeat the step for a couple of times.
  6. Once your Maltipoo is comfortable enough eating in the crate with the door closed, it is time for you to try to leave your dogs for a few minutes. If they start to whine, go back and then try again after that. Doing so is effective to make your dog get used to being in the crate without you around. In the end, you will be able to leave your place without them knowing that you leave.

Bottom line

By using the right technique, it should be easy to fix the Maltipoo separation anxiety. As stated before, consistency is the key so please be patient and follow everything well. You might not succeed in the first try so do not give up and keep trying. For assistance, do contact the professional or vet.

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