Easy Steps How to Potty Train a Maltipoo Dog

As a part of raising a well-rounded Maltipoo puppy, knowing how to potty train is needed. Fortunately, Maltipoos are fast learners if you compare them to the other breeds. Potty training can succeed as long as you have consistency and patience.

The right time to start training

For Maltipoo puppies, puppy training can be started at the age of 8 weeks, which is actually the same age you can be brought home from the breeder. By that time, it would be easy for them to blend with the surrounding. It will usually take about three months for them to blend well. Actually, you can train the one that is more than 4 months old but the younger the easier to train. When they are 8 weeks, the habits have not been formed yet so there will not be any behavior problems.

Easy Steps How to Potty Train a Maltipoo Dog

The time to take Maltipoo outside

Deciding the right time when to take Maltipoo puppies outside depends on the age of the puppies. Usually, the 4 month old ones can hold their pee for about 4 hours or more. The 8 months old ones can hold longer, up to 8 hours. Keep in mind that even though they can hold their bladder that long, pushing them to the limits is a no as it can cause urinary tract infection.

Most Maltipoo puppies do their business (poo) 20 minutes after the meal. Here are some general conditions where you can bring them to the right spot:

  • Right after they are out of the crate: Those who put the Maltipoo puppy in the crate when the night comes so that they can sleep well, you can bring them to the right spot. Please do a midnight potty before it.
  • Every time they show the signs: Some Maltipoo puppies love to run in circles and bark frequently when they are about to do their business. If your Maltipoo also does that, bring them to the right spot immediately.
  • A few minutes after the meal: Each Maltipoo puppy has a different time. For the teacup ones, it is usually about 20 to 30 minutes.

It is worth noting that Maltipoo puppies tend to pee when they are active and get too hyped. Accidents might happen and it is hard to be predicted. Another thing to take note is that you might need a potty pad in case you cannot bring them outside for some reasons. There are some products that have grass. These kinds of products are recommended because they are good at stimulating your yard.

A few tips on Maltipoo potty training

Below is the guide to potty train your Maltipoo that you can try. Some steps may vary per puppy so feel free to adjust depending on the condition.

  • Set only 10 minutes per potty trip

Some dogs might be different but some of them usually finish within 10 minutes. Plus, if you dog really has to go, it will not take more than a quarter hour. If you see them sniffing around, do not worry as it is actually normal. They do it to look for the perfect spot to do their business. Ten minutes is not short for some people but they need it so be patient. You can do something like going on social media if you feel bored.

  • Choose a spot and do not change it

The training process can go faster if you only choose one spot to pee or poo. It is also good to avoid confusion. It is better for you to choose the one that is rarely passed by humans so they can focus without getting bothered. Also, choosing the one that can be accessed even during winter is recommended.

  • Keep an eye on them

Do not allow your puppy to run freely in your yard. You should be the one that takes control over everything. You can try to loop the end of the least on your belt to keep the puppy close to you. for those who have puppies that tend to release in just a second, opening the crate outdoors might be a good idea to prevent accidents on the floor.

  • Know how to deal with nighttime barking

There are two possibilities of Maltipoo puppies barking at night: want to pee or poop or they just crave for some attention. If you have no idea, bringing them to the right spot is the best option. To let them know that barking is not an effective way to get playtime or attention they want, do not turn the lights on.

Even though the chance of them peeing is low and them wanting attention is high, it is always recommended to bring them outside to let them pee or poo.

  • Praise and give them reward

No one wants their puppies to poop and pee anywhere in their house. When your Maltipoo puppy does their business in the right place, please praise them and give them a reward for doing such a good job.

  • Clean the accidents well

If you think wiping accidents is enough, then you are wrong because it is not. The enzyme traces can still be tracked even after removing the dirt and smell, which makes it possible for the Maltipoo puppy to go to the same spot in your place. You might need to look for the enzyme cleaner to remove the stains and smell of urine.

  • Do not raise your voice

Some mistakes might happen. When it happens, do not scold the puppy because if you do, they will think of punishment when they think of potty, which can lead to more accidents. Then, what should you do? If there are accidents, the best thing is to train them even more. In case you find it hard, seeking help from the professional might be helpful.

Bottom line

Knowing how to potty train a Maltipoo is important, even though it is definitely not easy. If you follow everything well and are consistent to do so, you will get a good result.

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