Explanation About Apricot Maltipoo Puppies Instead of Regular Maltipoo That You Must Know!

You may see that an apricot Maltipoo puppy has an amazing color. You may agree that they are unique and small so that they look gorgeous. The faded red color gives a calmer and silky look to the puppy. It is not like usual brown or cream color, apricot Maltipoos have a different look which can be awesome.

When they are passed on to different generations, the color of Maltipoos will get diluted. To be able to generate apricot Maltipoos, breeders usually will pair a red toy Poodle and a pure, silky white Maltese. The litter will feature solid apricot puppy, but there will be point colors on some of the body parts such as tail, paws, chest, or brow.

Explanation About Apricot Maltipoo Puppies

The Things That Make Apricot Maltipoo Puppies Different

Apricot Maltipoos are unique due to their color. In the list below, we have some explanation of the unique traits of Apricot Maltipoos that make them different with other puppies.

  • Genes

This is the primary reason of color variations of Maltipoos. However, one thing that you should note is that even though they have different look than the other Maltipoos, but they have similar temperament and behaviour. It can be guessed by the personality of the parents and the way of raising the puppy. However, you also need to note that the temperament and behavior of a Maltipoo can be affected by up to five generations back. Gene also will dictate the intensity of their colors.

  • Fading Color

Some Apricot Maltipoos have a tendency to fade into cream when they get older. Maltipoos which fade when they get older usually maltipoos which are born in a solid color. However, fading can also happen because of genetics or bloodline.

The have the possibility to gray, so fading will happen when the puppy is one year old. Some breeders can identify it. So, before you decide to buy an Apricot Maltipoo, it is better for you to consult about it with the breeder so that you will get a puppy which can retain its color even when they become adult.

Some Apricot Maltipoos will fade into cream while maintaining the faded red on some parts of their body such as tails, ears, and paws.

  • Breeding

It is easier to produce an Apricot puppy than breeding rarer colors such as blue, red and black. An Apricot Maltipoo will be born by crossing a red toy Poodle and a Maltese. Talking about breeding this breed, you need to know that there is the possibility of the thing called ‘throwback’. What is it? It is when a trait from 10 to 20 generations back still finds its way on the latest litter. With it, Apricot Maltipoos may have a solid Apricot or a secondary Apricot color.

Even though with a controlled breeding, some breeder may still find this kind of result. However, if the breeder does a selective breeding, they may be able to limit the possibility of this unexpected result.

So, no wonder why Apricot Maltipoo puppies can be more expensive than the usual white and cream color. It is because of this unexpected result.

  • Appearance

One of the reason why you want to have an Apricot Maltipoo may be because they look silky, elegant and regal. A lot of people are charmed by this color because the Apricot color can give more shine to the appearance of the dog.

  • Color Variations

Actually, Maltipoos come in different colors. The colors of Maltipoos can be white, black, apricot, cream, brown and even red. From these colors, the most sought after maltipoos are Apricot ones. It is because apricot color can make the look of the dog relaxed and elegant. Even though the red and black colors are rare, but it does not as interesting as Apricot Maltipoos. Talking about color variations, Apricot Maltipoos sometimes can be cream when they are adult. So, when you buy an apricot maltipoo puppy, you have to consult about it with the breeder whether they color of your apricot maltipoo puppy will change or not.

Where to Buy Maltipoos

It may not easy to find a reputable breeders who breed Maltipoos. But now, you can find it because here we have a list of three best Maltipoos Breeders in USA.

  • Maltipoo FurBabies

This breeder is located in Chicago, Illinois. This breeder only breeds Maltipoo puppies and they guarantee that they produce healthy puppies so that they only produce 4 to 5 litters a year. This breeder focuses on the temperament, health and also quality of each puppy. All of the puppies in this breeder also come with age appropriate vaccinations and a written 1-year health guarantee.

When they bred to produce a Maltipoo, they choose the lines which have good health, and great temperament. If you want to keep a puppy from this breeder, a non refundable deposit in the amount of $500.00 is required to reserve a puppy. The adoption fee is about $2100 to $3000. They can be contacted via email at Info@MaltipooFurBabies.com or via phone at (773) 379-6910.

  • Sherry’s Maltipoos

This breeder is located in Fitzgerald, Georgia. They breed Maltipoo, Yorkiepoo and Cockapoo. However, they specialize in first generation Maltipoos which involve cross-breeding Maltese and Poodle dogs.

They provide a special nursery which is well-kept. It is done to guarantee the health of their puppies. The breeder makes sure that the whole process is well. So, the puppy can grow in a loving and well-cared environment. The cost of a puppy is about $1,200 to $1,500 per puppy. They can be contacted via email at sherrysmaltipoos@windstream.net or sherryscockapoos@gmail.com or via phone at 229-457-4545 (cell) or 229-423-8158 (home).

  • Country Acres Puppies

This breeder is based in Fairbury, Illinois. They breed small dogs including Maltipoos, Yorkies, Maltese, Toy Poodle and more designer dogs. The whole family members of this breeder participate in breeding and raising the litters.

Bringing the puppy home can be done when the puppy reaches five weeks old. The adoption price of Maltipoo is about $1550 + 112.38. They can be contacted via email at countryacrespups@gmail.com or via phone at 815-419-5245.

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