How to Tell How Big Maltipoo Will Get

If you have a plan to nurture a Maltipoo, you may want to know how big your Maltipoo will be later. Then, if you have an adult puppy, you may also wonder how your little guy or gal compared to other Maltipoos. As we know that Maltipoo is a hybrid dog between Maltesse and Poodle which basically has a small size.

Maltipoos have a different age from other dog breeds. Your Maltipoo will remain a puppy until they are 1 year old even until they reach adulthood. It means that you will still see your young maltipoo although he’s in adult age.

How to Tell How Big Maltipoo Will Get

However, it doesn’t matter if you want to predict how big your Maltipoo will be. Sure, to predict how big your Maltipoo will get, at least there are some factors you will need to estimate your Maltipoo size. Let’s see the ways to predict your Maltipoo size later!

Here’s How to Estimate Your Maltipoo Size

Having nonlinear growth and will stop growing at a certain age makes the size of Maltipoo quite difficult to predict. Due to the hybrid race between Maltesse and Poodle, how big your Maltipoo puppy will be when you grow up can’t be separated from its parents.

To predict how big your Maltipoo is when adult, you also  need to know the weight of its parent. Aside from that, the size of your Maltipoo is depending on which genes are more dominant between the Maltesse and Poodle.

Born with unique genetics, sure, there are some certain factors which come into play with regards to your Maltipo adult size. The factor here can be parameter how much time your Maltipoo needs to get there.

Even though there’s none who can really predict exactly how big a Maltipoo will get when adult, however, most people will estimate that a Maltipoo size in adults is between 7 to 14 pounds and approximately 8 to 12 inches tall at the withers. Just like humans, genetics also play a large role in determining potential adult size.

Here’s for example to predict your Maltipoo size when adult!

  • Predicting adult size for an 8-week old of your Maltipoo puppy

If your Maltipoo puppy has weights of 2.50 pounds or less by 8 weeks of age, the estimate for adult size is the puppy’s weight multiplied by 4, with 0.25 added. Then, if your Maltipoo puppy weighs 2.75 pounds or more by 8 weeks of age, the estimate for adult size is the puppy’s weight multiplied by 4, with 1 pound added.

  • Predicting adult size for a 4 –month old of your Maltipoo puppy

If you take your  Maltipoo at 4 months of age and double it, its adult size will be within a pound or two of its final adult size. Sure, you don’t have to wait long to see what size your Maltipoo is as most finish growing at the 10 to 12 month mark.

Factors to Estimate the Size of Your Maltipoo When Adult

Here are two main factors which determine how big your Maltipoo is:

  • Maltipoo’s parent size

Sure, it makes sense that the bigger the parents, the greater the tendency for the puppy to be, and vice versa. As we know that the Maltipoo is a hybrid breed of Maltese and Poodle and both are small dogs. What we may not know is that the parent Poodle is usually a variation of a toy or is often referred to as a miniature poodle.

  1. The weight of Maltesse is under 7 pounds which is between 7 – 9 inches tall.
  2. Toy Poodle weights between 4 – 6 pounds and stand 10 inches or less at the shoulders.
  3. Miniature Poodle fulfills the standard of their race where it will weigh 10 – 15 pounds and be less than 15 inches tall.

You can certainly see how the use of Miniature Poodles in the Maltipoo breeding program greatly affects the size of the pups. Maltipoos with the Miniature Poodle in their lineage will probably exhibit a size larger than their parent’s size for generations to come.

  • Maltipoo’s generation

The first generation Maltipoo, the result of interbreeding between the Maltese and Poodle Poodle races, is called the F1 generation. In this F1, the Maltipoo puppy may be similar to one parent but inherit the personality of the other parent.

While not all Maltipoo puppies are alike, it is possible that they will look like carbon copies of the same parent and not look like mixed breeds at all. When F1 is bred back to the parent offspring, it will produce a new generation called F1B with the features and traits of the parent race being used intensified.

If the two F1s are bred, it will produce a new generation called the F2. If an F2 is bred back to its parent offspring or if F1B is bred to F1, the chicks will be considered as F2B. Breeding two F2 generations will produce F3 pups which can then be crossed back into one parent breed to obtain an F3B classification.

Moreover, the F3 generation and beyond are often referred to as multi-generation. Well, the more generations of Maltipoo as a particular breeder has worked on, the more accurately Maltipoo can be predicted for its size when adult.

Well, those are two main factors to predict how big your Maltipoo will get when adult.

Another Estimation of the Maltipoo Size

There’s a prediction that if your Maltipoo is the first generation (between Maltese and Poodle), it can be expected that he will grow up at 8 to 10 months of age with a height of 8 – 10 inches. You can also predict that an 8 week Maltipoo will gain weight around 1.5 to 3 pounds, but again the weight of a Maltipoo at that age depends on the size and type of his parents. By the time he grows up, Maltipoo is usually never more than 20 pounds.

That’s why the weight and height of Maltipoo varies at a certain age because of so many factors related to his parents. It surely cannot be separated from how big his parents are, whether he is dominant from the race of his mother or father, and whether he is the first or second generation. This is why determining the exact weight can be tricky even with predicting race weights.

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