My Maltipoo Doesn’t Want to Walk?

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Your Maltipoo may really love to play inside your home, but when you take them out, they refuse to go for a walk. You may need to pick your Maltipoo up and carry them when they refuse to go on walks, but it freaks them out at all.

So, if your Maltipoo often refuses to walk around the park or outdoors, it would be better for you to identify the reasons why they really refuse to go for a walk with you. After we took a little research, we finally obtained some highlights that relate to your Maltipoo not wanting to walk. Let’s see our post to find out the reasons!

My Maltipoo Doesn't Want to Walk

Why Does Your Maltipoo Refuse to Go on a Walk?

Here are a few reasons why your Maltipoo puppies or dogs refuse to go for walks:

1) Feeling weird with leash or collar

The first time you take your Maltipoo puppies out for a walk, you may equip them with leashes. However, your Maltipoos are basically not born to know how to walk on leash. The most common reason why your Maltipoo refuses to go on a walk, they may be scared by the leash on their neck.

Particularly if you have never put a leash on your Maltipoo puppies before or you’re using a new collar or harness, it is likely that your dogs do not know how to move in the equipment that you have out on them.

A dog expert named Nicole Ellis suggested that dog owners leave their pet new walking gear on when they are inside the house during playtime or during feeding. This way is to help them get used to how their harness, collar and many more and also feel on their body in a space which feels safe for them.

When using a collar or harness or leash, make sure to choose the right size that can fit well. Well, a cat leash could be the best option for very small puppies. Aside from that, you may need to help them get accustomed to the walking gear by placing it on them inside the house.

2) It’s new experience for your Maltipoo

Because of a barrage of sights, sounds, smells and other stimulation, these really make your Maltipoo hesitant to move, since they really feel overwhelmed. So, when your Maltipoo refuses to go for a walk, make sure to give them lots of verbal praise and treats.

So, the key to take your Maltipoo out is to keep them super fun, so that your Maltipoo will begin to associate going on a walk with an exciting and pleasurable time.

3) The weather is not great for walk

When your Maltipoo refuses to go on a walk, the weather may be one of the reasons. Just like humans who are hesitant to walk out into a downpour or brave a chilly night, of course, your Maltipoo also sometimes does not want to deal with less-than-ideal weather too.

If there is a good chance that the ground may be too cold or hot, or also your Maltipoo may be trying to dodge precipitation, make sure to try avoiding the uncomfortable conditions if possible or also reward them with extra verbal praise or treats.

4) Your Maltipoo uses wrong gear

Before taking them out for a walk, you should make sure to check if a harness got loose or you could have tightened it too much or anything else. Of course, you also need to ensure the leash is not pinching, rubbing or poking in a way which makes your pet uncomfortable.

If you see your Maltipoo refuse to go for a walk, you can check to see if their gear is not set appropriately or can be causing them discomfort.

5) Your Maltipoo may not be feeling well

An illness that your Maltipoo experiences can be the signs why your Maltipoo refuses to go on walk. Well, the infection can really lead to lethargy. Aside from that, some serious diseases such as distemper, parvo, leptospirosis and even less serious disease like kennel cough could also be the reason why your Maltipoo refuses to go on walk.

Well, those are the reasons why Maltipoo refuses to go for a walk. If it happens to your Maltipoo, make sure to check and identify some signs that lead them to refuse to go on walk.

Tips to Get Your Maltipoo Walking

After identifying the causes why your Maltipoo refuses to go on walk, you can start to look for ways to get them walking without any fear and uncomfortable things. According to some internet sources, there are a few tips to get your Maltipoo walking, here they are:

  • Carry your Maltipoo somewhere familiar
    Because everything is new, some dogs find walks intimidating them a lot. So, the only one way to get them used to walking is to drive the two of you a few houses away. After that, you can encourage them to walk home with you.
    What you should do is to take your Maltipoo out 20 to 30 feet away from home and allow them to walk back on their own. Certainly, your Maltipoo will experience all the same things they will when walking away from home.
  • Create a group activity
    If your Maltipoo is more enthusiastic when people are around, of course they should be pretty social. If necessary, you can try to walk your Maltipoo with another person and another puppy or dog to check if it makes them more eager to get moving.
  • Use the ‘stay’ command
    In fact, some dogs may be very enthusiastic to move at the end of a stay. So, you can ask your Maltipoo to stay and then release with ‘okay’. Then, see if they bound forward. If it works, you can use this technique later.
  • Practice patient
    When you try to give them exercise for walking, you should be patient with your Maltipoo. However, pressure-free walks will not be satisfying for you. However, they may go a long way toward making your Maltipoo a more willing walker.
  • Start with short walks
    You can encourage your Maltipoo to go a short distance as well and let them amble as slowly as they love. However, too long or too fast a walk may be able to overwhelm them a lot.
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