What is the Best Color for a Maltipoo?

If we talk about the color of maltipoo, you can find various colors of this dog. However, if you wonder what the best color for maltipoo is, it is subjective because it is up to everyone’s preference. Some people may agree that white maltipoo is the best color. However, there may be some other people who agree that apricot color of may be other colors are the best.

So, there is no best color for maltipoo because every person has their own opinion about the best color for apricot based on their preferences.

If you want to know the colors of maltipoo, you are able to read the explanation below.

What is the Best Color for a Maltipoo

Maltipoo Colors

There are a number of Maltipoo colors and you are able to read the explanation of each color below according to the Oodle Life site.

  • White Maltipoo
    The most common color seen of this dog is white because the most commonly happening color for a Maltese is white and it is also a reasonably common hair color for Poodles. As explained on the Oodle Life site, white coats in dogs can happen because of a complete lack of pigment cells in the skin. Let’s say that the maltipoo parents have little or no pigment. If so, your maltipoo may have a white coat. This color is also the most commonly seen coat color if there are two or more colors in a coat. In parti coats, usually they have white or near white as one of the colors.
  • Cream Maltipoo
    This cream color of maltipoo is popular. This color happens more often than any other maltipoo coat shade. There is no difference in coat type or coat softness whether the maltipoo coat is light or dark. The problem is that the lighter color of a maltipoo coat will easily have stain in their hair.
  • Apricot Maltipoo
    This apricot maltipoo remains in demand. The reason may be because the look of this dog is like a teddy bear. The teddy-bear, like non-shedding cuties, are among the most popular maltipoo coats as cited from Oodle Life site. It is the same as Labradoodles and Cockapoos, apricot maltipoo coats are able to attract waiting lists and high prices. People are attracted to the teddy bear look of the maltipoo.
  • Café Au Lait and Coffee Maltipoo Colors
    The soft light brown color of maltipoo is usually called by a lot of breeders as Coffee Maltipoo and Café Au Lait Maltipoo. The color gives a beautiful contrast with the soulful brown eyes.
  • True Brown Maltipoo and Black Maltipoo
    It is rare to find a truly brown maltipoo. You may find darker brown maltipoo, but the color is not seen often. The reason is because the Maltese breed standard has such bright and light colors. Brown and dark poodles are available, but such coats usually get diluted or entirely eliminated in the process of cross breeding. How about a truly 100% fully black maltipoo? It is rare to find this color because you need a black poodle parent and an ultra-rare maltese which is black or carries the right genes to mix with the black poodle. It will be awesome if a black maltipoo has dark eyes and dark nose pigment. However, black maltipoos are prone to white spots or a touch of hair lightening when the adult coat appears.

According to the We Love Doodles site, besides the colors that mentioned above, there are also the other colors of maltipoo as you can read below.

  • Red Maltipoo
    Same as the apricot maltipoo, the red one is among the most wanted coat colors for maltipoos. Same as apricot maltipoo, the reason for being wanted of this red maltipoo is because they have a teddy bear look. It is important for you to note that the red maltipoo here is a red mahogany color that is the brightest brown of all the maltipoo coat colors. You are able to consider a red maltipoo is a much brighter apricot maltipoo. Red maltipoo is rare. Usually, the red maltipoo is conceived by breeding a tan-colored maltipoo with a red or darker colored poodle.
  • Grey maltipoo
    If you see a grey maltipoo, you may agree that it is unique because usually they are born with a dark black coat and when they are two years old, their hair clears or lightens. After the coat clears, then it turns into a grey maltipoo, but it still has darker colored spots where the coat did not fade. As time passes, grey maltipoos usually come up as a silver color and it is not a dark color anymore.
  • Parti Maltipoo
    This color is one of the colors that has two different coat colors with one of the colors being a minimum of 50% white. The secondary color of a parti maltipoo can be any color. However, common colors for a parti maltipoo are apricot, black, cream and tan.
  • Black and White Maltipoo
    Black and white maltipoo has specific traits that generally include a white chest, white nose, and a streak of white on the highest part of their head. Usually, a black and white maltipoo comes from breeding a parti Poodle with a white Maltese or a black poodle with a parti maltese.
  • Phantom maltipoo
    Phantom maltipoo is rare because phantom maltipoos need to have two colors which are in very specific locations of the body of the dogs. A phantom maltipoo needs to have a main color that covers a majority of the body and the second color comes up usually around the eyes, lower parts of the legs and on the muzzle of the nose.

Maltipoo Colors which Are Rare

According to the We Love Doodles site, the rarest colors of maltipoo come from multiple generations of maltipoos which are bred together where their recessive coat color traits exist rather than dominant genes like cream maltipoo or a white maltipoo. The rarest maltipoo colors are grey, phantom, brown, and black. However, it is important for you to note that the cost of maltipoos which have rare colors is usually three times more expensive than a common colored maltipoo.

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