What Fruits Can Maltipoos Eat?

Fruits are a very tasty treat for your Maltipoo dog. Now, you may want to know what fruits your Maltipoo can eat. If you want to get that great information, just read the text below. Here we are going to share fruits your Maltipoo can eat, enjoy occasionally, and avoid by your dog.

Fruits Maltipoo Can Eat

Here are some fruits your Maltipoo can eat:

  • Apples
    Apples offer a great source of vitamins A and C. They are also full of fiber. Please avoid the pips because they contain cyanide that can poison dogs.
  • Blueberries
    Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Your Maltipoo will enjoy it.
  • Cranberries
    Your Maltipoo may select to leave these when offered because they either love them or hate them, however they contain lots of goodness. They are able to help with urinary tract problems in the dogs too.
  • Cucumbers
    We have added cucumbers because by rights they are a fruit. The good news is they make a good snack for your Maltipoo dog.
  • Kiwi
    Your dog may enjoy some portions of kiwi fruit. Containing potassium, fiber, and vitamins it is considered healthy food as well as tasting nice.
  • Mango
    Similar to apples, you do not give your Maltipoo the hard section in the middle because this contains cyanide. Swallowing the pit will cause life-threatening problems by blocking the bowel.
  • Oranges
    These will make a great tasty treat for your Maltipoo dogs and they are going to thank you for a few slices.
  • Pears
    Also, this fruit is perfectly safe for Maltipoos, once again avoid the pips. Pears contain lots of healthy elements which will help your pooch.
  • Strawberries
    This is another dog-friendly fruit which will be enjoyed. It contains a multitude of good things making them a healthy choice.
  • Tangerines
    Tangerines are acceptable for your beloved dogs to enjoy.
  • Watermelon
    These fruits make a tasty treat mainly in hotter weather and can help keep your Maltipoo’s hydration levels up.

What Fruits Can Maltipoos Eat

Fruits Maltipoo Can Enjoy Occasionally

Here are some fruits your Maltipoo can enjoy occasionally:

  • Bananas
    Bananas are a good source of potassium, however they are high in sugar, so should only be given as an occasional treat.
  • Blackberries
    On the occasional list because too many will cause diarrhea.
  • Cantaloupe melon
    Cantaloupe melon can be given for your dog as an occasional treat. They are quite sweet. Do not forget to avoid the pips and skin though.
  • Coconut
    We have added coconut to the occasional list because while the oils and the meat contain good qualities, they are also high in calories, thus you need to be careful.
  • Honeydew melon
    This is a treat, but can be an issue due to the sugar content.
  • Peaches
    The occasional slice is good for your Maltipoo. But you have to avoid the stone of the peach as it is both toxic and a choking hazard.
  • Plums
    There is not much of a plum after you slice it. However, you have to slice it to avoid the center which dogs cannot eat.
  • Pineapple
    Yes, pineapple is perfectly safe for your Maltipoo to enjoy in small amounts. Due to its high sugar content, it is one for the fruits your Maltipoo can enjoy occasionally.
  • Raspberries
    Raspberries are safe in moderation. However, they contain toxins which can be harmful to your Maltipoo. One or two raspberries are going to be fine as the traces are very micro, but do not treat them too frequently.

Fruits to Avoid with Your Maltipoo

  • Apricots
    The pit of apricot is considered very dangerous due to choking and blocking problems. Also, they contain cyanide, thus it is one best to avoid altogether.
  • Avocado
    Many great qualities for the human race, but considered unsafe in the dog world. Avocados contain persin which is toxic to dogs.
  • Cherries
    Whilst tasty, cherries are very dangerous to Maltipoo dogs due to the pips, but also due to their size that can cause blockages.
  • Dates
    This is another best to avoid due to the pips again. Also, they are very sugary, and dogs should not eat beyond the flesh.
  • Figs
    This fruit will be able to cause irritants in Maltipoo dogs. Although these symptoms should pass, it will not be pleasant for them, so best to avoid.
  • Grapes
    When you research grapes, you are always going to hear that they are a big no-no for dogs. They can finally cause kidney failure and are considered lethal to dogs.
  • Raisins
    This is part of the grape family, however crucial to list in its own right due to the dangers they pose to dogs. Please avoid raisins for the same reasons as grapes.
  • Tomatoes
    Technically, tomatoes are part of the fruit family deserving to be included in our list. Tomatoes should be avoided because they contain solanine which is toxic to dogs.

The Benefits of Feeding Your Maltipoo Fruit

In the text above, we have shared some fruits that your Maltipoo can eat, can enjoy occasionally, and avoid. Now, let us explore if there are any benefits of feeding your Maltipoo some fruit. Apparently, there are some reasons why some fruit might be of benefit to your Maltipoo.

Here are some reasons why some fruit might be of benefit to your Maltipoo.

  • Hydration
    Fruit can be a good extra source of liquid during hot weather. Munching on a slice of cucumber or watermelon can be of real benefit to your dog if they are feeling the heat.
  • Teething
    Believe it or not fruit will be great for teething, mainly frozen fruit such as apples.
  • Vitamins
    Of course, fruit contains lots of good stuff that will be of benefit to your Maltipoo’s health. Fruits like raspberries are thought to aid with aches such as arthritis so they will be good news for older dogs too.
  • Healthy treats
    The piece of fruit as a treat is a healthy method of topping up your dog’s diet rather than turning to calorific treats such as doggy biscuits.
  • Fiber
    Fruit contains a healthy amount of fiber that will help your dog’s digestive system.

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