Can Maltipoo Eat Human Food?

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Ideally, maltipoos or other types of dogs eat dog food for sure. However, sometimes they may try to eat human food. The question is, can maltipoos eat human food? If yes, what kind of human food can they eat?

Food Which Are Safe to Eat by Maltipoos

According to the Know Your Doodles site, here are a number of safe human foods for maltipoos.

  • Bread
    Bread does not contain a lot of nutritional value. However, it is safe for maltipoos. However, it is important for you to be mindful of the calorie content and also you have to make sure that you do not use it as a treat everyday.
  • Beef
    Cooked beef which is unseasoned and plain is fine to be eaten by maltipoos.
  • Carrots
    Carrots are safe for maltipoos and even these are loved in the world of canine. Carrots can be served raw or cooked. For teething puppies, they are great to freeze.
  • Broccoli
    Raw or cooked broccoli is able to be eaten by maltipoos from time to time. Besides, it is full of good vitamins.
  • Cooked Eggs
    A cooked egg can be enjoyed by dogs. Besides it is yummy for them, cooked eggs are also full of healthy nutrients.
  • Chicken
    Maltipoos are permitted to eat plain chicken and it is a good food source in case they have upset tummy because plain chicken is quite bland and light.
  • Diary
    You may wonder whether products such as milk, cheese, and cottage cheese are fine for dogs. Well, if you give these food in small amounts, it is acceptable. However, it is also important for you to note that if maltipoos are lactose intolerant, these food must be avoided by the maltipoo.
  • Corn
    A spoonful of corn can be given to maltipoos and they will be happy with it. However, you have to make sure that you do not try to feed them with it if they are choking when they eat it.
  • Peanut Butter
    If maltipoos are given unsalted peanut butter in moderation, it is safe for them. However, never feed them with it if the peanut butter has xylitol because it is toxic to dogs. The best peanut butter that can be fed for dogs is the one which is 100% nuts.
  • Green Beans
    Raw or cooked green beans can be consumed by maltipoos. These beans are also a good source of iron and vitamin K.
  • Popcorn
    Popcorn is not the healthiest treat for maltipoos or other types of dogs. However, it is safe for them to be eaten as long as the popcorn is plain. When you give them popcorn, you have to be careful of unpopped kernels which are a choking hazard.
  • Peas
    In some dog food brands, there are peas so that if you give peas to maltipoos, it is safe. Frozen peas are good to add to interactive treat toys.
  • Salmon
    Salmon is good for maltipoos because it can help keep the coat healthy. Besides, salmon also has healthy vitamins which is good for maltipoos.
  • Pork
    If very small amounts of cooked pork is given to maltipoos, it is fine because the fat is able to be hard to digest by dogs properly.
  • Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet potatoes are fine to be fed to maltipoos from time to time, but you have to consider the extra calories.
  • Shrimp
    Shrimps are full of healthy nutrients so that they are safe for maltipoos. However, make sure that the maltipoos do not eat shrimp too often because shrimp has high cholesterol. If maltipoos eat shrimps too often, it can cause issues with their weight and health.
  • White Rice
    Rice can be good for maltipoos if they have tummy issues because rice has binding qualities. However, if the maltipoos have diabetes, they only can have it occasionally because rice can cause blood sugars to rise.
  • Turkey
    Plain turkey can be given to maltipoos, but it will be good if the fat is removed first because it is not good for them.
  • Tuna
    Tuna is good for maltipoos’ coats and skin. Tuna also has healthy vitamins.

Human Food which Are Not Safe for Maltipoos

According to the Know Your Doodles site, here are some human food which are not safe for maltipoos.

  • Chocolate
    Chocolate is toxic to dogs. However, there are dog-friendly chocolates in some pet stores if you want to give them chocolate.
  • Alcohol
    Alcohol is dangerous for dogs.
  • Coffee
    Coffee is not good for your maltipoos and other types of dogs. It is because coffee has caffeine and dogs cannot have it.
  • Cinnamon
    If maltipoos consume cinnamon in small amounts, it will not cause issues, but if it is consumed in large quantities, it can be dangerous.
  • Garlic
    Garlic is toxic to dogs, don’t give it to maltipoos.
  • Coconut water
    Coconut water contains high levels of potassium so that it must be avoided by maltipoos. However, if you give them some, it may still be okay.
  • Nuts
    You can give nuts to dogs, but actually nuts can cause choking. Even macadamia nuts are poisonous to them.
  • Ice Cream
    It is better for maltipoos to avoid ice cream because it does not have nutritional value for them. Moreover, if the maltipoos are lactose intolerant, it must be avoided from them.
  • Onions
    Onions are toxic for dogs, so these must be avoided by maltipoos.
  • Salt
    Maltipoos must avoid salt because it is not good for them.
  • Raw eggs
    A lot of people say that feeding raw eggs to dogs is forbidden. The reason is because of the risk of salmonella and biotin deficiency. However, if the eggs are free of salmonella, raw eggs can be a tasty treat for maltipoos.
  • Xylitol
    This is a sugar substitute and it can be found in many food items. It is very toxic for dogs so they must avoid it.

That’s the information about human food which are safe to be eaten and not safe to be eaten by maltipoos. After reading this, hopefully, you can be careful in feeding maltipoos and other dogs because some human food is not safe for them. Also, note that I do not recommend you to have maltipoos or any other dogs especially if you are a moslem because moslem is forbidden to have dogs.

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